Zack: Mistakeolas

Dr. Thorpe: Dregolas. Maybe Legolas has a loser cousin who shops at K-mart or something. He looks like he's wearing Viet Cong pajama pants.

Zack: You know, adult Halloween costumes are so unequal. On Halloween guys either get shitty movie or TV character costumes or some horrible joke costume like No Shit Sherlock. Women get all these insanely hot fetish costumes like vinyl hotpants FBI agents and nurses and those low-cut renfest dresses.

Dr. Thorpe: I'm sure girls would dig Legolas or Zorro costumes if they fit well and looked realistic, but they always look like dumpy polyester frocks.

Zack: Yeah, but women get to look their hottest on Halloween. Guys have to look like dorks or goofballs. Male Halloween costumes should all be like 3-piece suits. I mean it's usually so much effort for me to bother to put on a suit it feels like a Halloween costume.

Dr. Thorpe: If only they made a slot machine costume for men. Then we'd be in business.

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