Zackula: Papa Jonathan Swift's.

Dr. Thorpenstein: So is the baby a chef, or a slice of pizza? What the fuck? I don't appreciate this kind of nonsensical metaphor-mixing in my infant costumes.

Zackula: Maybe the baby is indicative of a cream filling. I think Pizza Hut has a pizza like that. Almost like a pizza eclair, but with baby custard. The OTHER baby custard, you perverts.

Zackula: Baby on a pizza is a pretty solid idea, but you just know it's going to be one of those bullshit premium toppings like spinach.

Dr. Thorpenstein:
What's with the toppings on this baby pizza, anyway? Is it like leeks, kidney beans, dots of meat and some kind of gross beige cheese?

Zackula: Looks like dog food and mechanical pencil lead.

Dr. Thorpenstein: This is the least appetizing chefbaby-stuffed pizza I've ever seen.

Zackula: The other thing is the false happy baby they Photoshopped on there. I bet the real baby was crying his eyes out as they walked him around the photo studio on their giant pizza spatula.

Zackula: Although now I think I want to see a whole pizza of these. Is there any way to get 8-10 babies on short notice?

Dr. Thorpenstein: There definitely is. Here, let me make a Jay Leno-style joke about Angelina Jolie or Madonna real quick, then everyone will have a good laugh.

Zackula: Ugh. No thanks. I meant white babies.

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