Dave: Why do I smell Pabst Blue Ribbon and clove cigarettes?

Dave: I don't know who owns that arm, but I can just feel her pretending to like Guided by Voices, right down to my bones.

Zack: You can have this or a master's degree, but you can't have both.

Dave: Yeah, but the point is that Bob Barker lives on in our memories, because he's such a groovy dude, right? I mean, Bob Barker, come on, he's the fucking coolest. Remember Bob Barker? I love that dude. Remember Plinko? I'm fucking obsessed with Bob Barker, dude, I swear. Ha ha. No fucking way, Bob Barker. I'm gonna get a tattoo of Bob Barker, seriously, wouldn't that be fucking rad?

Dave: What was that shit at the end, like... "remember to spay and neuter your pets?" Remember that? Ha ha, this is a popular culture reference which we can all enjoy forever.

Zack: By the time next year's Pitchfork Festival rolls around he'll have it covered with a giant picture of that fucking cup from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Dave: I was assuming it was a girl because this is the kind of miscalculation girls tend to make when they get to thinking they're funny.

Zack: No way, it's a dude. If it were a girl there would be Jhonen Vasquez bullshit everywhere.

Dave: Nah, I'm standing by it. It's a girl. Girls have the kind of Ghost World ironic obsession mentality that can carry a hilarious inside joke to this sort of level.

Zack: Yeah, okay, that "COME ON DOWN" does look suspiciously like it could be written on the cover of a composition book full of bad faerie drawings.

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