Zack: Why are they yelling? They can't even see what we're being forced to see. Wait, a better question is why aren't we yelling?

Dave: This is from the original cut of Red Dragon. They had to change it to the William Blake image to avoid an NC-17 for disturbing content.

Zack: Can we just tie all of the animes to a wheelchair, set them on fire, and push them down a hill?

Dave: Just like in Red Dragon, this tattoo must be some kind of sign of deep mental disturbance-- luckily, it looks like they've already locked this guy up in some kind of THX-1138 prison.

Zack: Some poor TSA screener is about to administer the most surreal body cavity search since that guy tried smuggling songbirds into the country inside pneumatic bank canisters.

Dave: I'll bet doctors hate it when anime characters yell at them during prostate exams.

Zack: Especially doctors named Tetsuo.

Dave: When people make anime jokes I just pretend to get them in hopes that they won't try to explain them.

Zack: Lucky for you they can just link to a 10,000 word Wikipedia page. It's 8,350 words longer than the William Blake Wikipedia page.

Zack: Only fair when you realize that the planning committee that comes up with plots for episodes of Guncat Cuties is this generation's William Blake.

Dave: I make fun of anime to conceal my own shame. I've actually got a full-back tattoo of all the characters from my favorite anime series, Robo Bathrobe No Gene Hackman.

Zack: Ugh, I think you mean Robo Battrobe No Gene Hakuman.

Dave: Heh. I think I know a little something about anime. Look me up on IMDB and you'll notice I did the English voice of "Sakuda Rei" in thirty-six episode of Skygirl: Infinity Hearts Angel.

Zack: English voice? You just keep getting worse. Dubs are for children. I ONLY tolerate subs.

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