A first TV projector machine for teh King of Egypt? oh youd bettar believe it Bip Roberts!!! also Teh King must smell awefull because why are there 2 air fresheners in a shelf above the King's projectore? Maybe its a big king joke, he makes servents come over and he says "hay lets watch this movie but I gotta warn yuo IT RELLY STINKS!!!" and then they see the air fresheners and say "oh king you're the funniest evar" becuase if they sass him then he'll cleve their off balls with a swift chop !

that was a thinking men's joke, I read alot about aincent historey especialy teh civil war becuase if we dont repeat historey then we're doomed to learn about it again


NELLIE!!! thanks checkoutmycrads.com

Wow waht an incrediable room, the guy put a bunch of those armor shards from Doom on teh floor alongsided his wall so he can do a littal powering up while he listens to a Tori Amos mixtape on the ol hi-fi machene. ALSO HAHAHAHA IN YOUR HASTY RUSH FOR TORI AMOS YOU FORGOT TO PUT UP YOUR TV SET, FAGOT!!! how are yuo going to watch "LIVE BEHIND THE SCENES OF A TORI AMOS WEEP CONCERT IN NEW YORK" with a TV you moran ahahahaha!!! wait I Mean without a tv

"HELLO HOME ENTARTAINMENT TV SET MAGAZINE I AM DOCTOR TV SET EXPART AND ALL MY INSPARATIAN FOR MY TV SET ROOM WAS MICROWAVES! I LOVE MICROWAVES AND I BELIEVE YOU'LL SEE MY PASSION SPILL OUT ELEGANTLY IN THIS COMPUTAR MACHENE CONTAINING 500 GIGS OF DR. WHO ON YOUTUBE!!!" hahaha waht a man's butt, computars are for palaying Halg Life not watching TV sets so maybe this guy uses a razor blade to eat dinnar and a garage door opener to propel his fat dog Rex through the pasture>?? who knows with him really


okay maybe this guy spended like $30,000 on his stuped TV set room and then got teh bill for it and said "oh man I can't afford Arby;s insuraence with all teh moneys I spendet on my fagotronic TV theatar" so he had to cut back on luxary thrills such as shelfes and gasoline and child support? I JUST STACK UP ALL MY MOVIES ON THE FLOOR, I'M GOING FOR TEH UNIQUE LOOK AND FEEL OF A HOLLYWOOD VIDEO 99 CENTS BARGAIN BIN!!! old ladys surround his house searching for Shirley Tempal movies! when it is tiem to vaccuum all teh spidars head for the hills and escape amongst towars of motian pictares...?!?!? waht a joy it is to be the fagot.

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