The beach (where else?). Two dirty white guys are talking to each other next to a wall that says "BEACH FUN!" in big, festive letters.

Bad Guy #1: Hey, do you have the CRACK COCAINE?

Bad Guy #2: Yeah man, I got the CRACK COCAINE! Radical!

Bad Guy #1: Okay, let's find some kids to sell it to.

Bad Guy #2: Right, dude, and then we'll go shoot some handicapped nuns. Bitchin'!

Bad Guy #1: That is a RIGHTEOUS idea, man, and then we'll knock over some gravestones and deface the WWI Veteran's cemetery.

Bad Guy #2: That's a great idea, Bad Guy #2!!!

Bad Guy #1: Wait, I thought you were Bad Guy #2.

Bad Guy #2: (frowning) Hmmmmm...

(Suddenly ISDH bursts onto the scene, with a surfboard / machinegun / radar detector of some kind.)

ISDH: Freeze, punks! You're under citizen's arrest!

Bad Guys: (In unison) DARN! (Put their hands up)

Bad Guy #2: Hey, maybe you can help. Do you know which one of us is "Bad Guy #2"?

ISDH: (Thinking) Hmmmmm...

(Camera zooms in to a little boy who had been there watching the entire scene take place. He runs away, unseen by ISDH)

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