Scum of this shit earth fashion photog Terry Richardson is in it now. Christ he is. He has got his cock out around too many models and flapped it in their faces and the Internet is blowing up, ready to put a stop to him and his.

"I've had it," said a Huffington Lady. "Rubbing all over teens. What is the world coming to?"

An extensive New York Magazine profile of Richardson detailed many of the accusations being leveled against him. Truly rude deeds such as getting a wank off going with Steve-O from the Jackass pictures and rubbing up against some butts. Feeling over and under the bra of a nineteen year old model. Pissing on a lady cop. And much, much more.

This creepy clicker used to be cool, with his tattoos and hip beer choices, but now he is gone bald and ladies don't want fuck all to do with him and his nasty dingus. Who even drinks Heineken anymore? Sex crimesmen, that's who.

"Christ it's like they stitched up a baby's arm to him," described sex model Yips Creamtable. "He'll get it out for anything. He slapped it on the button of his camera to take those pictures of me 'uge tits."

"He made me grow a dick," explained Dawn Hamburquar of Liddy Talent. "He put a little beard on me and made a cock pop out of me. I still haven't got all the way rid of it."

During his long career as a New York sort of photo man with his side burns and his ragged blue jeans, probably riding a bicycle around, Terry Richardson snapped gash for many famous people. Prince, Barack Obama, Don Johnson, the guy who played Max Headroom, Miley Cyrus, the man who invented recreational zip lines, comedy legend Paul Rodriguez and Burger King, just to name exactly eight.

Richardson once took pictures of rapper Kanye West dressed as a baby. He took the iconic Al Gore blow bang photos. His work with one of the Olsen twins appeared on the cover of one of those Sunday newspaper insert magazines that you accidentally throw away. Pretty sure it was related to the TV show Weeds.

"I expect rock and roll photographers to be very professional," said a lady on the Daily Beast comments. "No one should be exposed to unwanted sexual advances in the workplace."

Such was not the sort of respectful environment to be found in Richardson's Brooklyn photo loft.

"It was a party atmosphere," model Achleay Scargborgo told New York Magazine. "You would go in, put on the cone hats, sing happy birthday, have a cake and some ice cream, play games and then he'd bring in the donkey and have it piss on you. What was I supposed to do? I was only twenty. When you're only twenty you don't know that you're not supposed to bathe in hot mule piss for Vogue. I felt used."

"Every single one of those models was a consenting adult. I don't blame Terry for a second," wrote someone called HitlerBoners on the Yahoo! News comments.

Is Terry Richardson a misunderstood genius or a sexual creeper trying to get his nasty ding dong all over impressionable young models? Can he be both?

"He can't be both. It's one or the other." Offered someone on Huffington Post who never saw the movie Chinatown. "What sort of monster wants to have sex with nineteen year old girls doing topless fashion modeling for a magazine? Pervo monsters, that's the sort. It's disgusting. He should be put into a jail."

If Twitter is any indication, he will be put into a jail.

Thank god for that.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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