Jushi!, submitted by Stinky Weasel Teets. JUSHI! Who is she?? Another stupid performance artist to thicken the already swollen ranks of untalented dumbasses who randomly throw crap together and generally act pretentious in an effort to become artists. Jushi might disagree with my interpretation of her shtick so I'll let her explain it.

Often outlandish yet believable, Jushi has been described by reviewer Joe Del Priore in the Hudson Current as possessing "a voice somewhere between Carol Channing and Betty Boop with body language Gumby would envy." His review concluded with a thought that may well reflect the reactions of many who have experienced her performances: "She makes you want to sit down and create something."

High praise indeed! Actually as horrible as Jushi sounds I am pretty interested in seeing someone with body language Gumby would envy. Does she fling herself through the covers of giant books or transform into a puddle of green sludge? A girl can dream.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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