Batman's Shameful Secret is our forum all about comic books and "graphic novels" (which is just a fancy way of saying "comic books for people who think they're smart"). What up with it, muscles like this?

Superman's screwed! 'Kryptonite' discovered in Serbia! - Nerds rejoice as a mineral matching the properties of kryptonite is discovered. Nerds get pissed off when learning that it can't actually be called kryptonite because it has nothing to do with the element krypton which is a gas.

Look Upon my Comics (and lack of flood insurance) ye Mighty, and Despair! - Edge & Christian is one of BSS' most prolific comic collectors. He also lives in New Jersey, now put two and two together and try to figure out what has just happened to him.

Transmetropolitan cat born in Spain - Two-faced cats! No, not liars and no they didn't have acid thrown at their faces either. Personally, I would name it Janus.

What are some quirks of your favorite artists or writers that annoy you? - You know how you can have a favorite writer and he (or she) can still do stuff that just pisses you off? Well this is the thread for you... if you're talking about comic books.

General Bullshit (as presented by my main man SpecialOlympian) is our delightfully general forum with as many interesting facets as wadded-up chunks of Chinese newspapers.

The life of a social engineer - applekid tells us how he gets paid for lying and stealing from his clients. Stories on pages 1-2 and Q&A on 3. angelfoodcakez provides links to the equipment applekid uses on page 2.

The seedy underbelly of Pattaya, Thailand - vat of bats recently found the Pattaya City News, which brings the latest happenings in the city of sin to the prostitutes and lady-boys who read it. Thanks to Seth Puked on Me I will never forget the Heineken ass rocket either.

Killing For Peace - My father's war stories - Depraved found a copy of his father's memoirs detailing his tour in Vietnam. Updates on pages 1-7 except page 2. Q&A on pages 3 and 6. Newspaper clippings and an uncomfirmed picture of depraved's dad on page 7.

If Dinosaurs ruled the earth - Lonertool shows us what history would look like if we were lucky enough to be ruled by cold blooded reptilian overlords.

True Tales of Growing Up in a Crackhouse for 3 years~! - OneeyedWilly shares his story of how he made the transition from a rural crackfarm to a big city crackhouse. Stories on every page.

Offerings to the Asphalt God: Three Days in Limbo - Bruiser is back and this time he's riding a motorcycle instead of a street sweeper. Pictures and x-rays from the resulting story can be found on page 4.

Tales from the Hash Trail - No, Abugadu does not trek through the deserts of Afghanistan with a backpack full of primo hashish. Rather, he hunts men for sport in a game where you may have your pants removed and then be given a horrible nickname like Cunt Dracula.

Debate and Discussion (as presented by the straight-up hustler Yiggy) is where the learned folk of the forums gather to debate each other, analyze politics, discuss science and religion, and call each other names.

Forget Iran, this should be our next target for invasion. - We had a thread about that new Earth-like planet, but you might have accidentally missed it at first glance. Come discuss this astronomical discovery and join the space fetishists in their dreaming.

What is the rationale behind the prescription drug laws? - Lets forget about illicit drug prohibition for the moment, and talk about the point of government control over any substances. Should you need a perscription when choosing your medications?

Has science ever been totally wrong? - Inquiring minds want to know, is science all shine or can we dig up any grime?

First Democratic debate tonight at 7PM EST on MSNBC - If you've been following the get to know your candidate thread series, you may be interested to see how the pool of democratic candidates faired in their first debate. A bulk of the discussion is towards the end of the thread if you want to avoid the TVIVesque chatter from the debate watchers.

An Abortion Clinic Counselor's Thoughts, After a Bomb was Found - The success of the Federal Abortion Ban and the bomb found recently in Austin, TX is fanning the flames of the abortion debate.

New 40MW solar farm to be built in Ontario; sells power at 42c/kwH - Ontario is allowing solar power in its border at exorbitant costs. Does the pricetag reflect the reality of energy costs, and is this just another stopgap or maybe an actual solution?

Do any Christians besides literalists really believe in Noah's Ark anymore? - The answer may sadden you.

Where does a spoiler go on a 1991 Jeep Cherokee? How do I turn my car into one of those old-timey kinds with the crank in front? What exactly does the metal part of the car do? Automotive Insanity and Das Volk are here to show us whether or not we can actually put tank treads on your mom's Ford Aerostar.

2008 Corvette: 436hp LS3 and no cheap plastic - General Motors continues their fight to bring the company back to the black. The 2008 Corvette gets a nicely updated interior and a blazing fast 190 MPH top speed.

Need stage2 suspension for my Corvette leaf springs LOL epic EPIC crankwalk - Mysterious new moderator stigtrap gives us an update on his fear of ducks.

PROJECT: DREG-DeRiced EG. 1993 Honda Civic EX. Winter beater/Spring turbo. - sharkytm continues his rescue project of a riced out Honda, making a car that once only looked fast into a genuinely fast automobile.

FYAD is pink and has less rules than the rest of the forums, and that's pretty much all there is to say about it that won't get me made fun of later. liquidator vrunt worked really hard putting this summary together.

What if TFR and the meeting women thread combined - This is like a thread from an alternate dimension where, you know, this thing would happen all the time

What if NMD recommended things other than music - Another hypothetical scenario full of subtle forums commentary

WTF??? - Fat people just want to be accepted

i just planted some BIG BEEF tomatoes - This is the worst thread about tomatoes that has ever been posted

I love Will and Grace. - I can't believe this guy registered an account just to let everyone know that

That's it for this week. Remember that this was only a taste of some of the great threads from the last week at the SA Forums. Come back next time for more bold blue clicky text!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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