"Give me anime or give me death!" -Nobody has ever said this or will ever say this. Except maybe for the hypernerds that hang out in the Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse. Nate RFB is royalty among the cripplingly nerdy.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann: Sunglasses, drills, robots and burning spirit - Don't believe in yourself! Believe in me, who believes in you!! Gainax, of Evangelion fame, looks to be back in the game with a show packing more burning justice and giant robots with sunglasses than ever thought possible.

What? I never knew (s)he acted in that. (Anime Edition) - Or, "Tomokazu Seki is in every god damn anime" thread. Nothing can break a brain faster than realizing the range of anime voice actors.

GONZO's Romeo x Juliet: Re-imagining the classics one bishonen at a time - After making the Count of Monte Cristo into an anime about space vampires and robots, Gonzo seems to think they're hot enough shit to do the same with Romeo and Juliet.

AMV thread: The Search for Non-lame AMV - Because not everyone thinks Linkin Park and DBZ are the pinnacle of music video entertainment.

Hayate no Gotoku! - Hayate no Gotoku is the story of an ordinary young man who sets out on an incredible adventure as a combat butler. Hayate is an individual with terrible luck, but an excellent work ethic. Thanks, fez2. This show is parody heaven.

The SA-Mart is filled with goons looking to buy and sell things of all shapes and sizes. The next time you hear someone say the SA forums are filled with ruthless vagabonds, you can tell them it's technically true! bEatmstrJ is vagabond royalty.

Cheap GRAPHIC NOVELS and Comics ! - Start your collection by buying someone elses! Lazy bastard!

Porn, porn, and more porn! - Please note, this thread contains porn.

16 Xbox games = $80 Shipped - These classic gems are sure to make you want to dust off your Xbox and sell it to someone else as a package deal.

Me help yuo write gooder - Turn that C+ into a B- with the help of our online proofreading, improvement suggesting friend.

If you've got a sliver of a creative bone in your body, you just might enjoy the company in Creative Convention. There are all kinds of dudes in there who draw, paint, write, and I think there was at least one pottery person at some point. Yeah, I know! Who does pottery anymore?! Peace up, A-town down, same.

I make fights - Shauntron makes a nice attempt at emulating the 80s Hong Kong and modern Korean styles of fighting.

I think my brother is a brilliant poet. But I'm no expert. - It seems like nobody who responded to this post was an expert, but they liked it!

Why Final Cut Studio 2 is important, and the RED means the end of film. - If you haven't heard about the RED camera, you should come in this thread and learn.

"Flank the perimeter! We have bogeys heading in through the back! Go, go, go!! They're trying to get into the garage!!" The Firing Range is our gun forum, and here's a fact: It's the only forum in which a majority of the regulars believe World War 3 will both begin and end on their property. Miso Beno took a break from building a radar dish to give us this roundup.

I got shot by Juba and all I got was this shitty PTSD - Miko-o gets shot while on duty in Iraq and lives to tell the tale.

Guns and Musical Instruments - ROLL CALL TFR Fais to break the mold and proves that gun owners can only play banjos, juice harps, and fiddles.

Good gunsmith for 1911 Work? - Hangedman didn't think that his 5" concealed weapon large enough to satisfy the ladies.

Interest Check: TFR Big Game Hunt? - Nitrogen really want's to kill something with some of the boy and fat men from The Firing Range.

Guns of our Fathers - We don't have any guns so we're gonna post photos of our daddy's toys and pretend they're ours.

Tell Me about illegal guns - Punch McRockGroin thinks that making a thread about purchasing illegal firearms is an excellent idea.

Bad Boxed Ammunition: Federal XM193; Lots 117, 121. - Miso Beno finds a rifle that has a minor ammunition related malfunction.

Custom Holster Interest Check - Darth Freddy has a burning desire for us to put our long guns in his tanned hide.

Bone Chasers 101 - . MTWTHF. 5. FANG. "Professor Fang teaches an introductory course on the world's most deadly rimfire ammunition ever produced."

King Modpants - TFR's former Forums Friday's Monday writer becomes TFR's newest power hungry moderator. All hail King Hotpants!

Come along with me to an old gunshow, in an old town - B4Ctom1 takes us on a photo essay through his local gun show loophole.

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