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Reppin': SpecialOlympian

Rarest porn ever? SHB & SHB2. Help me Find it Make my Dreams come True - Some dude with this avatar needs help finding old Mario brothers porn for some mysterious reason. Will someone please pledge $300 to make this simple pervert's dreams come true?

The Art of Usernames - More people with names like Reaganomican need to post here.

So I ordered a "flesh light" and now my parents/neighbors think I'm a perv. - They thought you were a pervert before, now they know.

Papercraft! Free Models Sci-Fi For You To Make! - Nerding up the house on a tight budget? Now you can fold your own anime figurines.

How to create a feral child in just 7 years. - Long and sad article that will kill some time and make you

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Reppin': concerned mom

DPimp69YoungJeezyMilFalcon - DPimpjedi just isn't DPimp enough. 'stfu dad' throws up some suggestions to give that X factor. X being in the top right hand corner.

handre_post_generator.gif- Every week we have a drama bomb exploding with the force of 5-mega-tons; or the amount of weed your average Byob poster is hiding from their parents. 'MOSS FACE' drops the bomb home.

Official SamuraiPaul Drawing Thread XP SP2 - 'SamuraiPaul' has been slaving away for months so I felt it was high time this was recognised (probably for the second time but its been ages). Possibly one of the only people on the internet with any real talent, SamuraiPaul puts this in to tremendous effect whoring himself out to the gods of slash fiction and garfield.

marge official absummer thread, mods sticky it - The spectacular of the summer is finally here! Just when we thought it may never happen, Pepsi Abs Summer cracks open a six pack on a six pack. Have you been working hard to meet the tough requirements for the judging? 'Marge' kicks things in to gear showing gleaming, pristine abs.

A message from anime nathan: irrefutable proof of his existance - Holy shit balls its last week's hero Anime Nathan! And this time he's real! 'Detective Tiptoes' sleuths out the man in the mask.

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