~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': Skutter

Gratuitous Shiba Inu pictures- Screaming Japanese guard dogs, what fun!

The licking... THE LICKING- Chokes McGee's cat loves to lick everything and he needs advice on how to discourage the behavior. Just rub cayenne powder all over your body and the cat won't want to lick you anymore!

Meet Odin![Gratuitous newborn kitten pics included]- SpiralingDragon's husband had a stroke which prevented her cats from getting neutered on time. Of course one of them runs out and gets pregnant, but luckily for SD, she only has one kitten, Odin. Click the thread for an incredibly adorable kitten.

This Week's Pet Island Megathread: Bird Crazies- Do you have a Senegal, a budgie, a macaw or a parrolet? Post it here and share stories of the time you found bird poop in that one weird place!

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno

Oleg Volk is creepy as hell.

I Shot Some People with my Mosin. - Frankie got tired of merely shooting people with his paintball gun at the range and decided to pack along his M38 Mosin Nagant instead. There is a high probability we will be hearing about Frankie on the news later this evening.

Behold ME! Judge of urban wildlife! - Behold as TylerC senselessly murders animals while high on reefer madness.

Question about Conversion Kits - Question: Is Mr. Ceiner a jerk to everyone or just people who buy his products?

Anyone Watching the Olympics? - No.

Guns of the 2008 Russo-Georgian War (VSS ITT) - Watch as the Russians burn piles and piles of Georgian Bushmaster AR-15s!

Firearms Safety - Normal Practices - I thought everybody cleaned the crown of their muzzle with their tongues! Saliva is an excellent carbon solvent!

Open carry Picnic in Michigan - A bunch of Libertarian nut jobs got together to open carry firearms in public and somehow the news doesn't shit a brick.

6.5 Grendel: A Good Idea or am I a Fucking Idiot Wannabe TactiLOL Fanboy? - "AR-15 is a good gun, it's fun as hell to shoot and all, but it's not for hunting."

Tell me what you know about the FN Five-Seven - because I love Counter-Strike so much that I want to drop $1200 on a .22 Magnum hand gun.

ITT: Vent about all the stupid hoops you have to go through to buy guns - Uhaul.jpg

Re-Write Classic Songs to be about guns - She's ARRRRRF ARRRRFCOMMING~

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