~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': Skutter

My friends new pup. Pics! Help with names !- Why yes, Nigger is an excellent name for a dog.

The Furminator- Save money by using this squeegee-looking device on your pet to shave them. Note: get them on eBay and save yourself about thirty bucks.

"hey take this cat" "-inhale, exhale smoke- hmm...ok" "hahaha! yeah!- tokki g finds a cat, feeds it milk and raw meat and gives it a litter box full of dirt. And that's not even the end of page one!

Dirty Birdy- Zombiesinmyshower! has a parrot that has started to hump hands as a sign of affection. Other posters share their tales of forbidden birdy love: Cacatua's aptly-named parakeet, Confused Pete, likes to rape the shit out of it's toys; Captain Foxy's girlfriend's arm was molested by a macaw; and Fnoigy's parents' bird likes to hump shoes.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno

Gun Range Horror Stories Megathread - Maybe the control folks were onto something...

My Washing machine reeks of Hoppe's No. 9!!! - DUDE! YOUR CLOTHES MUST SMELL AWESOME!

I had a little mishap at the range today - I could have sworn having your weapon slamfire like a Sten or Grease Gun was a desirable feature.

I guess not.

Welcome to the Ruskie Arms Expo - Some Russians showing off their whacky russian moon guns and moon bullets from their moon land.

Looking to get into hunting, Feral Hog Hunting, Couple of Questions about Deer Hunting with a shotgun - Looks like some folks missed the HUNTING MEGATHREAD.

Behold! The Carbine of Woe" rises again! - In a strange turn of events our resident arms dealer and Nazi ended up in posession of the fabled pencil barreled carbine.

ATF Megathread 2: The Omega Strain - Click for cliche photographs of guns with booze and tobacco.

Remember that guy FerFAL, the Argentinean survival guy? - SHTF! TEOTWAWKI! END OF THE WORLD! SURVIVALIST NUT BAGS!

Vector is going ot of business - Duke finally posts a thread that isn't filled with Uzis and failure. Oh wait.

TAPCO Discussion and Related Stuff - My Dad owns CRAPCO. We manufacture CRAP. Ask me questions about my CRAP...CO.

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