elmwood posted:

Why do Indian accents sound so funny?

Well, at least to my American ears. It's hard to describe; whenever I hear one of the more prominent accents of English -- US Midland Northern, US Southern, US New Yorker, US African-American, British RP, Irish, Scottish, Australian, New Zealander, South African, or the accented English of someone who doesn't speak it as a first language -- well, it just sounds like a different accent. When I hear English spoken by someone from subcontinental Asia, though -- India, Pakistan or Bangladesh -- it sounds ... well, funny. Not "funny strange", but "funny ha ha". In the US, at least, a comedian or radio show host is almost guaranteed instant laughs by putting on an Indian accent. "How may I help you velly velly much please?"

So, what is the quality of the Indian accent that makes it sound so funny, at least to my North American ears? Do Brits or Australians also find Indian accents as "funny?"
Sarinnanashi posted:
While waiting for my radio DJ interview in the waiting room, I was talking to a friend who had brought there little taco bell dog toy. The batteries had run down, so it sounded very freaky. I promptly say to it " You so stupid nigga, you can't even talk right." Apparently I slurred the A a little. Then I realized a very nice black lady was sitting beside me. I promptly said sorry, and then me and her made fun of Carlos Mencia. I'm so she realized I'm just a stupid white kid
Sion posted:
No, see, that actually makes some sense. Nigger is a way of describing the colour brown - it's less prevalent nowadays than it used to be but it's still used. For more references might I suggest watching The Dam Busters where Nigger was the name of the main characters dog. It was also the codeword for mission accomplished.
Rawk Hawk posted:
What the fuck has happened to my beloved Something Awful forums? This was a perfectly acceptable thread, filled with people crudely making fun of an ugly bitch (who apparently is really good at hiding a body!) Classic SA tomfoolery, the likes of which you might expect to see back in the good old days.

Now we have people like this natasha coming in trying to hang up pink curtains. In all my years here (registered in 03 sure, but lurked since accounts were free), I never understood the animosity towards the "0whatever" newcomers. I mean sure, they were rough around the edges, but they tended to meld into the society pretty smoothly. But these 07's, Jesus Christ. If you have such a problem with the way we do things on this forum, if you think we're too mean, then why would you give Lowtax ten of your dollars for an account? Why do you guys have to take over every thread and turn it into a whining, crying bitch-fest over how hurt people's feelings might be due to how mean we are?

Natasha, you sound like the kind of person who would fall to the floor crying during the R. Lee Ermey scenes in Full Metal Jacket. Please don't shit up any other threads like you and your ilk did to this one. You turned the instant, and easy, comedy of a fat ugly person (who claims to be normal looking) asking why everyone thinks she's ugly into some kind of judgment circle. Yeah, Goons are quite often unjustifiably crude and unfairly mean. Thats why we're called Goons. It pleases us on the most elementary of levels to do this kind of thing. Please go back to lurking and give us our goddamn forums back.

And for the record, the OP just might be the ugliest person I have ever seen. If faced with either the barrel of a shotgun or having sex with her, I might end up choosing to have sex with her. But it would take me a hell of a long time to decide.
Billy Baddest posted:
A plane was flying along with a French guy, a British guy, a Mexican and an American. Suddenly all the engines fail. The pilot comes into the cabin and informs the passengers that the plane is going down and there are only two parachutes. The pilot then grabs a chute and jumps out the emergency exit. Now there is only one chute left. In a display of amazing selflessness the French man stands up and yells "Viva la France" and throws himself from the plane with no chute so someone else could use it. The British guy stands up and says "I'm not going to let a Frenchie show up England, long live the queen". He then jumps out of the plane without a chute. The Mexican and American try to stop him but no dice. The two are now standing at the door looking at each other. The American then punches the Mexican out the door and yells "remember the Alamo", grabs the last chute and sails safely to earth.

I think we can all learn a lesson from this; Remember the Alamo, living space is required!
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