Some Random Goon posted:

So I do computer work on the side for people. A have this now former client, whom I met while working for a company that did computer work for her. I left this IT company, she decided to hire me instead of sticking with that company; so she isn't a friend of a friend or anything like that.

Anyway, she's a MILF, just smoking in my book. I was thinking about her all the time. Totally business at her place (doing work at her house), never any hint she was interested in me and I went out of my way to not show any romantic/sexual interest in her (bad idea when you're in my business, easy way to lose clients). All business on both sides.

Anyway, I stopped working for her because it was too much for me to think about. She's married, has kids, husband is cool, pretty sure she's not interested in me, blah blah blah. So I just cut it off: stopped answering her calls and emails, just moved on.

I just decided that working for her wasn't going to work for me when I wanted to sleep with her SO bad. And telling her the truth as to why I stopped working for her might make her very uncomfortable and make me look like a creep (I am a creep but she doesn't need to know that).

That was a year ago.

She just added me as a friend on Facebook.

I haven't spoken to her in forever. But do I confirm her adding me to my Facebook friends then explain to her why I stopped working for her? Would that be creepy?

I mean, if I tell her why and she cuts it off with me, no harm no foul.

But I can't think of any good reason why she would add me to her Facebook friends....

What to do.....

Some Random Goon posted:

Heh. I remember girls like this back in highschool. You tell them one dead baby joke (a good one, too!) and suddenly they think you're some sort of freak. I bet if I'd been able to grow facial hair back then instead of half way through college, they would've had more respect for me. Nothing better than a fierce beard to unsoften the soft edges.
Richtofen posted:
Losing your virginity is like commencing a serious nuclear attack. If you lead up to it, you'll get nothing but resistance. You have to undermine, my friend. Learn what your strengths may be in the rhetoric of the group you're frequenting, and then apply that in a non-confrontational bragging manner.
Tyblerone posted:
I met this girl at my rock climbing gym. We're both severely Italian, we both share a love for climbing, she's insanely cute, and wicked smart. I'm pretty much fucked here. I can even say that we compliment each other. I'm completely fucking twisted to shit-less over this girl, so I have been taking things slowly and paying close attention to any signs she might be giving me.

We spent a half a day climbing at Stinson beach here on the sunny California coast line. We climbed to the top of a rock, and watched the sun set over the ocean and hills. When it started to get cold, I pulled a blanket and some pillows out of the trunk and we stargazed for about 2 hours. We're in that fucking zone..... sparks n shit.

I should have grabbed her by the face and just kissed the fuck out of her.
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