The Nob Goblin posted:
The scope is what attracted me to it in the first place. I saw the gun in a little rack in the corner of the store and went for it.

As far as penetration of .22 short is concerned, its actually pretty good all things considered. Well it went through my backpack, into a keyboard inside of the backpack, knocked off the the enter key, went through the other side of my backpack, and lodged itself in a thick newspaper. So it did more than expected. I love the noise too. To the naked ear, it sounds like x39 does when you wear hearing protection.

I think I might take random shit into my basement and plink. I do need to sight in the scope.
The rifle cost me $125 before tax. Also, .22 short has a lot more penetration than I thought it did. Although it scared the dogs away, it isn't very loud so it works great for shooting things around the house.

I was laying on my bed and saw a spider along the wall. This could not do, so I shot at it with another .22 short. I didn't see where the spider went, but I think it went higher than it should. Fucking scope must be off. It was also blurry at two feet. Then in the basement I was shooting more spiders and hit my rusting water heater. It embedded in the side though, so a close call there.
Doccers posted:
Things that go Boom. My current projects are:

Repairing a $75 Mosin-Nagant 91/30, $15 in stuff to fix it.
Converting a Remington 1100: $200 in parts.
New holster for my $495 Springfield XD: $70.
Refinishing the stock on a $100 CZ Mauser,
Replacing the stock on a Turkish mauser: $50,
Replacing the gas tube+piston on an SKS 59/66: $45
New AR-15 Project - $90 Lower receiver, $650 for upper and parts kit,
$5,000 saved for machine tools for the shop I'm setting up, plus anything more I can throw at it,
Ammunition (typically a few hundred rounds a month), $20 for about 100 rounds of .45acp, $60 for 300 rounds of 8mm Mauser, $5 for a box of 20 5.56mm, almost as much for a box of 7.62x39,
Looking at getting reloading equiptment and supplies together, ~$600,

Jesus Christ no wonder I'm fucking broke all the goddamned time
Fiftyone posted:
Well, they got the CCW ( concealed weapons permit ) here in O-hi-ya, I was watching this movie, Taxi driver I think it was called with Robert De Nero and he got this cool thing that straps to his arm, he made from a drawer wheel and track thing. I was wondering if they actually have something like that? Anyone ever seen one of these? I looked on Google but can't find anything.
would be pretty cool., wonder if it would be legal if you got a CCW? Anyone know?
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