StaceY - How long dose the cord reach back?? Can you see it all the way in the back of the friedge with it???

Lowtax - I don't know, let me see!

Lowtax - Ah shit

Lowtax - Hey Stacey, the computer monitor locked up and the door of the goddamn fridge door won't open back up all the way.

StaceY - What???

Lowtax - This thing is still a prototype and it locks up alot. Now the goddamn door won't open and I'm wedged in here next to the watermelon and chocolate milk.

StaceY - That sounds dangerous!!

Lowtax - Well luckily it can be remotely rebooted. Can you do me a favor and send me a message giving the computer instructions so it reboots? I dont want to have to kick out the door like I did to my wife's house.

StaceY - Oh no sure what do I type??

Lowtax - Okay, type this:

293-COM:http://www.eNetiConAppliance.domain.reg.4823.remotecon:-command reboot

Just copy and paste what I typed above and it should get the message and reboot.

StaceY - 293-COM:http://www.eNetiConAppliance.domain.reg.4823.remotecon:-command reboot

Lowtax - Shit, that did't work. Let me see if I can pull up the manual here saying how to do a reboot.

Lowtax - Oh, here it is. Okay, here are the instructions: you have to type that command I sent you before and send it. Then, within 5 seconds of it sending, you have to hit ALT-F4. That sends some SYSEX message to the computer here and it will reboot.

Lowtax - Do you have all that?

StaceY - Yeah let me try now

Lowtax - Thanks, please hurry, I think my knee is in a bowl of something awful.

StaceY - 293-COM:http://www.eNetiConAppliance.domain.reg.4823.remotecon:-command reboot

(StaceY went offline)

- Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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