Anointed - As I was traveling down the streets of San Fran praying for the people, I asked the Lord to allow me to cast out the devils in all the people. I had tears down my face and GOD spoke to me clearly. He said the dogs will always return to their vomit! I asked how does anyone get delievered? He said take them out of their environment. We are trying to start a Restoration ministry like the Isaiah 56 Ministry. When People are in this so deep, it takes constant prayer and word pumping in them until they can stand on their feet. So be prepared to take them in when you do. because they will not be able to stand on their own. You have to bare their burden until they can.

Scotty (Lowtax) - Oh yes I agree, we have a broom closet we emptied out and use as a Faggot Reeducation Center (FaReC) and we place the fags in there for days and help them find the Word of the Lord. We also store open paint buckets and gasoline and fertilizer in there, because we notice it helps the brain become more receptive to Jesus. I CAST THE DEMONS OUT OF THE FILTHY FAGGOTS AND BACK TO HELL WHERE THEY SPAWNED FROM!

Scotty (Lowtax) - PAMPALA NYAA!

Anointed - How do you pronounce that word?

Anointed - And it means again?

Scotty (Lowtax) - What word my friend?

Anointed - PAMPALA NYAA!

Scotty (Lowtax) - It is my Word of Power that allows me to summon Jesus from inside me and cast out the demons. It is early scripture which helps you concentrate. My sermons concentrate heavily on early scriptures and fundamentalism, back when it was PURE AND HOLY. Now FUNDAMENTALISM has gotten a very bad connotation because of the FAGGOT MEDIA claiming I am wrong because I want to reeducate and EXTINGUISH the QUEERS. It is sad how they have DEFILED MY HOLY MESSAGE!

Anointed - Thanks... I do want to hear more, but my wife is waiting now, but I would like to further this conversation at a later date, maybe tomorrow. I will be here all day until 5:00 PM CST.

Scotty (Lowtax) - God Bless you sir, and may the Holy Power of the Word of the Lord carry you to the Promised Land where we will be free of the opressive and FILTHY HOMOSEXUALS and their vile tendancies to throw ROCKS and STICKS at us HOLY MEN!

Anointed - Be Blessed MAN OF GOD and YOUR SON ALSO!!

Scotty (Lowtax) - THANK YOU GOodbye friend. PAMPALA NYAA!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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