Anointed - Are you on fire for GOD, Scotty?

Scotty (Lowtax) - YES SIR I AM ON FIRE

Anointed - That all depends on what GOD wants you to have... If you want it to be the most effective, you need to pray and ask GOD to direct it. I can make it on the cutting edge for youth, but as for Adults, I'm not much on the conservative (Misspelled) side of things. I'm 33 years old, on fire for GOD, reaching every youth that I can. I dont know what adults like, even though I am one... I'm so focus on youth, that I am far from the norm. Is you church very conservative? (misspelled again)

Scotty (Lowtax) - yes very. Weve been on the news many times for my fathers fiery sermons. there are many vile homosexuals in this state, and we try to change them into productive heterosexuals like GOD wants. the liberal homosexual biased media doesnt support this though, because homosexuals are the most easily influence demographic and the media can sell anything to them because there brains are defective. Like they can sell them fag toasters and homosexual shirts and gay things like that.

Scotty (Lowtax) - "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Leviticus 18:22

Anointed - Are you mainly trying to reach Homosexuals?

Scotty (Lowtax) - my father says there are a lot of homosexuals on the Internet and since we cant get them into our church to repent (God knows we've tried very hard!!!), this would be the best way to do it. I think that makes sence, like everytjhing my father says.

Anointed - you love your dad dont you?

Scotty (Lowtax) - Yes sir, I learned that I can either love him or suffer the conseqeuences (the pain of being placed in the education box) long ago!!! I was wondering how to make a webpage that will bring in the homosexuals and help them reform so they dont go back to there filthy ways. We need to reach them somehow and i think this webpage will work!!!

Anointed - I bet he's really proud of you. You seem to listen and take in everything he says. I'm even proud of you and I really dont know you, but you keep living for GOD and listening to your dad. Now what do you want to know?

Anointed - Ok, first of all, you must be stratigic... If you are going to reach them, you need to get by their 1st judgement, SO, here are a few ways... One is, you need to make it very colorful, kinda rainbowish. You know as well as I know that the rainbow is their symbol. Secondly, if you need to give testimony and not so much flat out JESUS. Meaning color code it until you get to the end. By that time, you have already apealed to them and now their open for what's coming.

Scotty (Lowtax) - that is a very good idea. I will use pink and green colors? do you think they will like that? and large text too that blinks and slides back and forth? It needs to be festive I supose because "they" like that sort of thing. that is a good idea. what about music? should I add music on the page like Blue Oyster Cult midis or something "they" listen to? something that makes them think theyre in a gay disco club of deceit?

Anointed - No, but something Christian that sounds like it. Something like from a Christian Goth Group.

Scotty (Lowtax) - I am sorry I cannot listen to or support any type of "goth" band, my father has said they go against his teachings. "Goth" is another word for "devil" in ANY form he says and listening to goth music will engulf me in FLAMES OF SIN.

Anointed - You can't always place judgement on things, because that's not always the case. The goth Christian is a band that dressing to bypass the judgement of the gothic people, but they reach the people in vampirism and they get converted to Christian.

Scotty (Lowtax) - Yes you cant always place judgement on things. But my father says that all goths do is wear black and makeup and men shouldnt wear black or makeup becuase that helps the devil get into your heart more easily and before you know it you're murdering old women and being homosexual.

Scotty (Lowtax) - what is your churchs view on hypnotizing?

Anointed - It's a tool of the devil. It opens doorways to your soul.

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