Lowtax - You want to know why I was writing that stuff on the site?

JuGGaLo - yeh, u betta xplain youself becuz u gotta a lotta clownz ready to beat ur azz

Lowtax - Okay here it is for real d00d: I didnt mean any of that shit on the site, I just wrote it so da Feminem fans would email me saying "way to diss on da Clownz" and then I write back and I'm like "shit yeah dawg" and theyre like "peas out" and then I take there email addresses and sell them to gay porn spam lists, so I gots all these Feminem fans signed up for gay porn dude


JuGGaLo - LOL dude thats a a f**kin hilarous, I f**kin hate those Feminem fagz

Lowtax - yeh but it sux cuz I be gettin all dis hate from my ICP brothahs because I'm in da lowdown clown disguised mode, ya know?

JuGGaLo - how many Fem fagz u get singed up 4 the gay porn?

Lowtax - ppl be hatin me, they be sayin shit like "oh snap, u bettah not be dissin on da clownz" an I gotta keep playin em because I wanna totally dis on the Fem fanz and prank there stupid asses

Lowtax - I swear, those guys are so dumb they dont even know when theyre bein pranked, ya know?

JuGGaLo - yeh, theyre all f**kin stupid gay ass fagz, good job man

Lowtax - well evrything I do I do for da clownz, ya know?

JuGGaLo - reprazent

Lowtax - yeah, reprevent. So how long u been down wit da clownz?

JuGGaLo - for bout a year or so, I got all their CDs n bootlegs

Lowtax - yeah I got boot legs too, from the war

Lowtax - me an my posse went to see ICP in LTBS on AS23, it was kickin' rad.

JuGGaLo - yeah, Im from Detroit (but I live in NC now) so I remeber them from back in tha day

Lowtax - yeah da dayz of wine and rosez, I remember them 2 man. So whos ur fav ICP d00d?

JuGGaLo - Shaggy, did u go 2 the Gathering?

Lowtax - nah man I dont play Magic - the Gathering, that shits 4 f*ggots.

JuGGaLo - no, tha Gathering of tha Juggalos '02?

Lowtax - OH THAT GATHERING, no I couldant mak it, I got a case of syphallis (sp?)

JuGGaLo - it was pretty tight, y didnt u come?

Lowtax - I told u, I got sick with rigormortis, my mom wouldnt let me go cuz the doctrs had 2 take out my ball bladder.

JuGGaLo - ti was pretty tight

Lowtax - yh thats wht I hear man, I herd it wuz pretty tite

JuGGaLo - yeh

Lowtax - yeh

Lowtax - im guna catch em in Iowa for da tour on Jaunary 25th if my mom will let me

Lowtax - she alwayz be liek "randy why u be seeing them clownz" and Im like "mom Im down with the clonez" and shez liek "Randy do ur homwork, ICP dont prech enuff bout Jesus" and Im like "f**k you b**ch" and I f**king turn ovr tables n shit, make a real mess, it freekz her out man

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