As with each article I try to find some way to give the readers back the time they regrettably wasted reading my failed attempt at humor. This time I didn't even have to make a video as Mediocre_Dan and Slybo threw together some footage that I barely had to edit. Mostly Mediocre_Dan though; Slybo just gave me some raw footage of people dancing.

I cannot tell you how glad I am to be done with this game. I realize that reviewing bad MMOs is my job but this one really took it out of me. I hope to never see anything else pertaining to Tyra Banks as long as I live.


Big thanks to Admiral Badtacular, Arachne, Arrethelm, AuxiliaryPatroller, Bitreaper, Bundle of Keys, Chickenbisket, Deadlypie, DoctorJones, Dog Mans Blog, Dougdrums, Duey, Endlosnull, EvilMuppet, Evil Vin, Fannypack, Fourecks, Friendly Guy, Guze, H-Tail, Jidohanbaiki, Johnnycon7, JonLikesPie, Kal, Kinkood, Law, Lincolnstein, Lordboots, Maxdamage, Mediocre_Dane, Medsmokah, Mr. Noon, NHB miles militis, PenaltyMan, Plastic Innards, Pompeille, Ponken, RacerHD12, Ralconn, RichLather, Roach, Sandwich Fight, Semimedium, Shadowgate, Sir Tonk, Slybo, SpaceNinja, Speed Seducer, Spelling Mitsake, Swedish Fish, Takanago, Tastiekayk, Telltolin, Terminal, The Gobbledygooker, Tungsten Salesmen, UnlikelyHero, Velvet Elvis, Vlad3217, Wolfwood72, Xezton, Yaos, Zenobia, and Zonhiner for dressing up in red pants just for my entertainment!

– Steve "Khad" Grant

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