Making Good Honest Money with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: livestock i think i can make some good money using product placement or sponsors in your daily dirt chats
Livestock: what do you have in mind moof
Moof: hang on a second while i finish this delicious ice cold Pepsi
Moof: well
Moof: I didn't really have anything in mind
Moof: it was just an idea
Livestock: i don't know moof if you can't come up with anything then how am i supposed to tell you if its good or not
Livestock: what
Moof: not really i hate it
Livestock: moof you aren't making any sense tell me what your idea is
Moof: livestock it is just an idea just a seed like a columbian coffee bean roasted to perfection like the great coffee from Starbucks
Livestock: well when that seed grows into a real idea let me know
Livestock: so far i'm not impressed
Livestock: why i oughta
Moof: livestock do you want to go out with me and get a delicious subway sandwich
Moof: the ingredients are so fresh and tasty
Livestock: i'm not hungry
Moof: like the first raindrop on a spring morn
Moof: like a newborn baby's first smile
Moof: oh ok
Moof: apple computer products make me feel like an individual
Livestock: moof do you promise to split all profits with me 50-50
Moof: yes i promise i will give you 50% and put the other 50% into my washington mutual free checking account with free atms worldwide
Moof: they don't think i should pay just to use another bank's atm
Moof: they understand me the way my parents never could
Moof: i don't have to cut myself to make them notice
Livestock: the way i never could...
Moof: i dont have to bleed
Livestock: oh no are you injured
Moof: livestock i dont think this will work
Moof: it is too subtle
Moof: people won't remember the references
Livestock: yes american audiences will never get it
Moof: god i hate america
Livestock: me too i just want this country to fall into a swamp and a great muslim utopia to rise from the ashes
Livestock: the ashes of the swamp
Livestock: because of all the fires
Livestock: when things are sinking into the swamp
Moof: why will there be fires in the swamp
Moof: oh okay
Livestock: electrical fires
Moof: so first we have to burn america as it is falling into the swamp or what
Livestock: things will start to catch on fire as the country sinks into a swamp
Livestock: but then the swamp will put the fires out
Livestock: and leave a residue of ashes on top
Livestock: that will serve as the foundation for the new country
Moof: okay won't it be difficult to build on an ashes-covered swamp though
Livestock: not if you use superior building supplies from the Home Depot
Moof: haha you can if you have the money to pay for inferior products or you could shop at lowes - great quality, low prices. That's the Lowes way.
Livestock: let's not fight, join me for a delicious chicken dinner courtesy of our good friends at KFC
Moof: okay let's go right now - it is the place friends go for great times
Moof: and great food
Moof: wait though we are bitter enemies
Moof: enemies can eat at kfc too
Moof: that is the beauty of it
Livestock: that is very true

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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