What they say:
"Toys kitchen set/tool set/weapon or police set/cosmetic & beauty set/doctor set; Racing Track set; Dolls; Pop Action Character; Robot; KeyChains; Toys phone/mobilephone/walkie-talkie; Pirate/Castle/House Series; Summer item(Water Gun, Diving Set, Beach set...); Toy Gun set; Sports series(Pop up house; Snooker & pool set; Rackets; Jump Rope; Hula Hoop; Balls, etc.); Christmas items; Halloween items; Radio Control/Remote Control/Battery."

Wow, another dynamo from King Fun Toys! Some of the most confusing branding seen on any toy. What I get from the packaging is that knockoff Disney heroines are going to be karaoke singing into a pink UFO.

Will I fall in love with one of them if I sing into the UFO? Will some terrible alien power within the UFO unleash my womanhood and transform me into a cartoon princess? Whatever happens, I know I can rely on the comfort of the sweet muisc emerging from my tiny CDs.

What they say:
"We stick to the tenet 'To survive by the quality. to gain the customers with the credit standing, to develop by innovation' to strive for negotiations and cooperation in the new century. Warmly welcome the old and new clients from home and abroad to come!"

"Hi, yeah, computer tech support? I'm having trouble connecting to the Internet. Operating system? Well, it has a picture of a tree on the screen and a lot of stickers of robots. Okay, here's the thing, I can't type that because my keyboard is painted onto my- hello? Hello!?"

The company that manufactures Computer talks about their output and writes in glowing terms about their capabilities. Standard business world self-promotion. However, I think they might have been a little too honest with the picture they chose to promote their business:

Ah, yes, only the finest and most experienced precision manufacturers have broken chairs laying around on the filthy floor.

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