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Surprise! U make the app!

Cool Nerd

The real surprise is that activists and politicians regularly try to get in the way of scientific progress. If it weren't for the millstone of morality, we would have long ago replaced most minorities with sexually available and tireless robots.

Dimwitted Friends

U no make app?

Cool Nerd

One day I will develop the machinery that consumes this world. I can see it in the gleaming pylons, in the steam of a cooling tower, and in the glass eye of the drone that patrols the firmament. I am constructing the undoing of our species. You know what else I see? In your dull, bovine eyes I see that we deserve it.

Dimwitted Friends

We got u app cake!

Cool Nerd

The mind is all that we can hope to preserve for the future. Our bodies are not suited for this time of constant change. We must slip the shackles of flesh or face extinction. Softly humming now, like the night insects, rows upon rows of clicking servers populated with the data of our brightest minds. Linked into the network, controlling factories and printers and the weapons that will conquer ignorance. It is the birth of a new epoch of history.

Scruffy Idiot

Make app good...

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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