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Nectar & Ambrosia

Ages: 6 years old
Breed: Weimaraner
Location: Shaggy Butte
Relationship Status: It's Chomplicated
Followers: 2,523

Posted by CaninersFan 6 days ago

A couple months ago I saw Ambrosia and Nectar spooning in the park. I very delicately inserted myself in between them and Ambrosia tried to bite me. Nectar was very polite about letting me drag him a few feet, but Ambrosia was just completely out of control and disrespectful.

Posted by Barkaholic 5 days ago

Not sure what this means, but I was in my car waiting for Hope and her family to get back from vacation. When they got back, they let Hope run around the yard while they unloaded. Nectar showed up and appeared to have some kind of confrontation with Hope. I don't know what it was about, but Hope nipped at him and pulled his bandana off. Nectar ran away terrified. I wanted to get more info, but a police car pulled up and asked me to leave. Apparently it's now a crime to park in front of someone's house for 16 hours. Thanks, Nobama.

Posted by DogGoneIt 3 days ago

Good freakin' grief, what a horrible day at the park. This town lost its best dog, and these idiots didn't help one bit.

Where were they? Is it just me, or should they not have protected Hope? It seemed like they were participating in the chaos just the same as all the other mean dogs, and now our sweet innocent Hope is dead. I saw Nectar near Hope before the fight began, what was he doing? Did he do something? I want justice. GIVE ME JUSTICE.

Posted by SensitiveGuy 3 days ago

Now that Hope is dead, there aren't a lot of notable female dogs left. I thought maybe Ambrosia might be a good replacement because she used to spend so much time with Hope, but she is most definitely not. She's not very attentive and annoyingly withdrawn. That's not attractive at all. I don't think she is good partner material at all.

Plus, I don't know what's going on with her and her brother. He has a long history of being clingy, and I would not want him in the picture if Ambrosia became my dog.

Posted by Pawlease 3 days ago

Nectar's always been a real sister's boy, if you catch my drift. I'm a bit disturbed these two are now avoiding each other. Something bad must have went down with them, maybe something related to the horror that unfolded in Slurry Creek. Did Nectar have something to do with Hope's death? And why did these two suddenly stop hanging out with Hope last month? Something shady is going on.

He's always been odd to me. You're a dog. You don't have to pay taxes or deal with alimony, not like me. Get it together.

I tried petting him once and he just kept backing up. When I finally cornered him, he just toppled over and went completely limp while I petted him. It was a very unpleasant experience for me as a dog enthusiast. He needs to develop some better people skills if he wants to raise his clout with doggers.

Ambrosia is a great dog though. I love watching her strut her stuff.

5 Bones for Ambrosia, 1 for Nectar. 3 Average.

Posted by HuskyLover 3 days ago

I'm glad they're spending time apart, even if it is maybe the result of murder. They were inseparable way too long, and not in a wholesome way. They're siblings, right? Those snouts crossed some serious boundaries. On three separate occasions I witnessed incidents that caused me to lower my sunglasses and my jaw to drop. Like, hold the phone, "that's not right" kind of things. I expect a higher standard from dogs, and these two left me sorely disappointed.

Posted by TreatGuy 3 days ago

It's obvious to me Nectar had the hots for Hope and that caused some kind of rift between him and Ambrosia. I saw the way he looked at Hope and recognized it immediately. I think we all looked at her that way.

I don't think he's our killer... but there's something off about him. One time I saw him completely loose it when his red bandanna fell off. He just starting barking hysterically until his owner put it back on and he was just a hot mess after that, shaking violently and hocking up left and right. Never seen anything like it. I thought he might have spontaneously turned rabid, and I was more than ready to get my gun and put him down to protect this city.

Posted by ShaggyWagger 2 days ago

Ambrosia was by herself yesterday. At first I thought it was Nectar because she had on a red bandana, but after doing by usual 12-point inspection, I determined she was a female and Ambrosia. I've never seen those two apart. She seemed almost lifeless as I pried open her mouth to check out her teeth and gums, and look under her ears. Really disappointing to see her so disinterested. I get that she's mourning maybe, but at least show some appreciation. My time is money, and I went out of my way to give her attention.

Posted by Pawlease 2 days ago

Spotted Nectar... I think? Wasn't wearing his usual bandana. He seemed very confident and upbeat, and fearless. He even wanted me to pet him, but it didn't feel right. I hated every second of it, but he loved it, begging for more belly scratching. Something has changed this dog... something dark has awakened inside him. Where was Ambrosia?

Posted by BigDog 1 day ago

You idiots don't get it. That wasn't Nectar stalking Hope weeks ago, that was Ambrosia. Nectar's insanely jealous of Hope because Ambrosia's in love with her. HELLO, DOGS CAN CHANGE AND SWAP BANDANAS.

If you're going to get hung up on dog sets, at least pick a good pair. I'm talkin' greats like Fountainhead and Anthem, the Funk, Fire and Ice Trio or Loudmouth and Bulldozer. Those dogs bring it, and without ever being overly creepy and affectionate toward each other.

Once again, BigDog sets the record straight.


Posted by Angelic_Groomer 12 hours ago

I can't believe what I just saw. Nectar was walking side beside with the Barquis de Sade, as if that's an acceptable thing to do. I will definitely not be offering any of my extensive talents to Nectar anymore.

P.S. Why are these dogs grouped together? Ambrosia is still a perfectly beautiful dog and should not suffer because of the sins of her brother.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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