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Age: 5 years old
Breed: Old English Sheepdog
Location: Shaggy Butte
Relationship Status: Single
Followers: 3,091

Posted by WolfPound 25 days ago

Big fan of this dog. I have no idea why, but whenever I'm around him, I get great wifi reception. I don't know if he's attracted to the wifi signals, but I believe a dog's nose can sniff out just about anything.

Posted by WhosWalkingWho 25 days ago

THIS DOG IS A WIFI HOTSPOT. The network name is even "WHOOPS EXPRESS" so somehow the dog has a wifi router or something attached. Maybe his collar? Maybe he's doing some kind of tethering? Not a tech guy here, but there's got to be some explanation.

Posted by Doctor Dog 20 days ago

I have looked over Whoops thoroughly and can find no source for the wifi signal. It's baffling. I even X-rayed him to make sure he didn't swallow a router. He had a metal plate in his head, but there's no way that would generate wifi signals. I'm baffled. Good dog, though. Very receptive to petting, me picking him up, putting him in my station wagon, taking him to my friend's vet offices after hours and putting him under. Not sure who his owners are, but they have a very polite dog.

Posted by BigDog 18 days ago

Get real. Whoops is nothing special. Lots of dogs have been providing useful services around town for years, so Whoops isn't bringing anything new to the party. Harrow is expert at sniffing out mosquito larvae, Shakedown kills and eats raccoons, Summit helps guard the abandoned airport from weirdoes. The list goes on and on. Hell, the Goodwill has had Babylon for years, and she's become a master at sniffing out and eating the moths from all the old sweaters they have for sale.

Whoops may be a novelty, but he's not that great. For one thing, you have to click an annoying check box saying you agree with a bunch of legal jargon just to use the wifi. It's not really free, now is it? Next thing you know he'll be charging for the service or running ads.

You can keep your Whoopses. Give me great civic-minded dogs like Straight Talk, Topless, YEAH!, or even a classic hero like the late-great Auspice.



Posted by HotDogginGuy 16 days ago

Service is unreliable. Whoops started chasing a duck while I was in the middle of the download and ran out of wireless range. Get your act together, Whoops.

Posted by DogGoneIt 13 days ago

I've seen a rusty maroon van parked near areas Whoops often plays, so I suspect the wifi is coming from there, not Whoops. Wonder what's going on? Government surveillance? It has a bumper sticker that says "Boys Rule!"

Posted by Harold 12 days ago

That is my van you described. I often park nearby to film the dogs. I'm no g-man, LOL. I use the Whoops wifi, too. It's a great service he provides. Great speeds. Can email and shop online. Dog's not bad either. A real character.


Posted by BiscuitBandit 6 days ago

I don't understand this dog. He's a virtual dog online only? Like a pokemon? What can you do with that? Can you print him out or something?

Not very impressed.

Posted by Pete 4 days ago

Great dog, but his EULA is overly restrictive and draconian. Consider Whoops and the wifi a package deal, so I'm giving him a 3-bone review until he updates his terms to be more user friendly.

Posted by ShaggyWagger 2 days ago

Whoops was at Slurry Creek today. We all know what happened. Hope got murdered in a horrible eruption of dog-on-dog violence. I'm just about ready to start boycotting all dogs, because I can't take much more of this.

And Whoops was wearing one of those Google Glass devices at the park. How is that even possible? I can't afford one, and somehow a dog can? Makes me think he's the killer. A dog would not wear Google Glass unless it's up to something.

Posted by Harwroo 1 day ago

whoops didn't do it, but he should not be wearing google glass he's a dog and would have no way of issuing voice commands or understanding the information on the screen. a total waste of technology and offensive to those of us still saving up to get google glass. i should have yanked it right off his face but i was too busy jotting down a list of all the dogs in attendance for my own personal records.

besides, i saw blue yonder giving hope grief so my money's on her... or barnacle. the only decent bones those two have are the ones they steal from the trash. they were both invading hope's personal space and near her when the fight broke out. wouldn't be surprised if barnacle gets off scot-free again.

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