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Name: Auspice
Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: Single
Location: In and around Shaggy Butte
Rating: (4 out of 5 bones)
ePets: Auspice has been ePetted 137 times.

: Regal, stoic, and disciplined. These are all words that can be used to describe Auspice. This tried and true canine is a bright shining standard in a sea of uncertainty. Never will you find a dog that better exemplifies the good virtues, dedication, and courage we associate with the title of best friend. In fact, Auspice is the very definition of Man's Best Friend. Auspice's background in law enforcement gives him a keen eye when it comes to identifying wrongdoing and a propensity toward serving and protecting the innocent. Auspice is a fine addition to any neighborhood and an inspiration to anyone lucky enough to encounter him.

--BarkWire Senior Editor Chris Bluefield

User Reviews

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Is Auspice okay??
Posted by Ackmed [Read other reviews by Ackmed]
(5 Bones)

I heard through the grapevine that Auspice was attacked by Vermin and his cohorts. I have not been able to find out anything about Auspice's health, but I hope he is okay. He is an upstanding citizen in the dog community and a role model for many smaller dogs. It disgusts me to think such a noble canine would be targeted by feral dogs. They should be learning from his example, not trying to take him down.

Needs to mind his business
Posted by jmartin12 [Read other reviews by jmartin12]
(2.5 Bones)

I live a few houses down from Auspice and I must say, this dog is a bit too nosy for my tastes. I appreciate his concern for neighborhood safety, but it's not like I'm growing pot in my backyard. Yet every day I see this dog sniffing around my yard, examining the area around my car, poking his nose into the backyard, and snooping around my greenhouse. I understand he's retired from the force or whatever, but he needs to respect my privacy. What's worse, because of him everyone acts suspicious of me, like I've got something to hide! This dog needs to mind his own business if you ask me.

Posted by cialis-miracle-deals-dot-net [Read other reviews by cialis-miracle-deals-dot-net]
(5 Bones)

A BEAUTIFUL BIRD has landed on your finger. IT WILL GRANT YOU THREE WISHES. But you have to feed it and nurture it and send this message to 20 other people or the bird will fly away and take your youth with it.

Update on Auspice's health
Posted by Pete [Read other reviews by Pete]
(5 Bones)

I spoke to Auspice's owners and I have some info regarding the attack. On Saturday morning, Auspice was watching over some children playing when a group of mangy dogs began chasing the children. Auspice jumped into action to protect them, buying them enough time to get to their homes. The offending dogs, which neighbors identified as Vermin, Throughput, and Doublewide, all piled on Auspice. The mighty hero stood his ground and held the marauders at bay until some adults were able to scare them off. By then Auspice had been bitten and scratched numerous times and was bleeding severely. He is okay now and is recovering, but he had to get a lot of stitches and is heavily bandaged.

We're all very proud of him. Auspice's owners are asking that you include him in your prayers and report any sightings of Vermin and his pack to authorities immediately.

Defended my son from bullies
Posted by corwinj [Read other reviews by corwinj]
(5 Bones)

When my six-year-old son Stephen was being tormented by bullies because of his Asperger's, Auspice jumped into action. He began walking my son to school, and meeting him regularly when the final bell rang to walk him home. No bully dared lay a hand on my boy for fear Auspice would seek retribution. This act of kindness helped boost my son's confidence, and for that I am grateful. I only wish I could have done more myself.

I was devastated to hear about Auspice's recent brush with death. But if I know that dog, and I think I do, he won't let this stand. His commitment to justice is undeniable, and he will make his attackers pay dearly.

Posted by BiGDog [Read other reviews by BiGDog]
(3.5 Bones)

As usual, you people line 'em up, --BiGDOG-- knocks 'em down. Auspice is indeed a good dog, but he isn't the white knight everyone would like to believe. Did you guys know that when he was a puppy he bit an old lady on the hand? She had to get stitches. Some white knight!

Auspice getting attacked is unfortunate, but I saw this coming a mile away. In fact I posted repeatedly that there was going to be an increase in dog on dog violence. Vermin and his pack - Caravaggio, Throughput, Obscenity, Clandestine, Doublewide, and Bucephelus - have practically taken over the west side. They've been pushing into the east, where they've met a lot of resistance from Rusty and his band of miscreants. While everyone was talking about poor Auspice getting attacked, nobody noticed that Vermin's gang killed Rusty's half brother Scraper. Talk about sending a message.

It's a sad situation, but the real gems are staying above the fray. These street mutts can kill each other all they want, but real quality dogs like Commonwealth, Comptroller, Vanguard, and Gravity will still be miles ahead in the game. Too bad they'll all still miles behind --BiGDOG'S-- top pick - the one and only Panzer.


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– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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