From: Steve Norris <>

Subj: re: i have more material for cakefarts


It makes me aroused thinking that a woman can not only fart in public, which is considered taboo, and not
only in the sexual sense, which is considered for most people like night and day, but also farting is usually
not associated with being an adult. In this context, a woman will WILLFULLY release her gas on food items,
which is the ultimate taboo as body fluids and food are further apart as we're being educated since potty
training age to abstain from mixing it up.

Now to trace it back, I think it dates back to cir 1990; I was at a motel room in Fla when I came across an
aging (+50) actress sitting stark naked on a bed in Vogue mag. She looked gorgeous (yes, I do find some
mature women really attractive); my mind started wandering and I was imagining her assistant pulling a
prank on her by sneaking behind her with a cake, unbeknownst to her. She happened to need to fart, so
naturally, not knowing of the presence of her assistant pulling tricks on her, she lets it go all over the cake,
assuming she was alone and no-one would notice. (Of course she didn't know about the cake). I really
don't know what made it so erotic -perhaps the voyeuristic and naughty nature of it - the assistant
watching her naked, the prank, her being a sexy older actress (I was 18 at the time), God knows what. I was in sexual NEVERLAND.

Ever since then I had a fixation pertaining to Women breaking winds on cakes. The best part is to fantasize
about smashing it in a slave's face and making him eat the fart-infested cake afterwards. Sort of a BDSM-
ish twist to it, huh? I'm not a shrink but I bet Freud would've something to say about cake-farting.

My curiosity piqued, I emailed Steve back, hoping understand the man behind the messages.

From: the enigmatic cakelord

Subj: i have some questions about cakefarting please


ok so that makes sense i guess

heres a question for you -- have you ever thought about UNWILLFUL cake farting? cake farting against her own will? like what if the lady has had alot of broccoli and she's walking through a cake store and all of a sudden she can't help herself she just has to fart and she's really ashamed and tries to run somewhere where there isn't cake but she can't because it's a cake store and the entire store is full of cake and then she just farts and everything is soiled in a cloud of fart

or conversely what if a woman was like sitting on a cake but she was recovering from taco night at chiquitos and a bunch of midgets just jump on her stomach til she slowly and unwillfully lets out a fart like a whoopee cushion made of flesh and blood

neverland is a good comparison i guess, remember that one scene in peter pan where smead farted??? TAKE THAT CAPTAIN HOOK!

are you personally into fart domination? like being dominated by a gust of buttwind? if so do you ever put your face over your master's butthole and open wide and close your eyes and imagine you are a pirate ship flying across the ass ocean and she's breaking wind right into your in your sails matey just fucking WHISKING barely touching water john fucking smith as the fart propels you on to a brighter and better tomorrow with a beautiful flatulent indian princess?

There was no turning back now. I was consumed by a desire to learn everything I could from Cakefartin' Steve. Sadly, our conversation soon took a turn for the worst.

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