From: Steve Norris <>



I'm an undercover agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigations - computer crimes unit. I was assigned to investigate whether you were violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998. I was contacted by the girl in the video who claims you had NO permission to use her video in your commercial website. As a result, there is an outstanding cease and desist order against you. Whereas you had admitted to me that you are indeed the operator of the and I possess the entire trancripts of our email conversations we actually have established your identity. Should you continue running your website in violation of DMCA Act, you will hereby be prosecuted and the host company be fined. You are warned!

Good heavens! A lawsuit! Luckily, an old friend was ready to lend a helping hand.

From: the enigmatic cakelord

Subj: youll never take me alive cakefarter


An FBI agent? In my Internet? Damn, you got me good. The hotmail address you were contacting me from totally threw me off my game--I'm normally much harder to dupe!

Anyway, after receiving this threatening email I immediately contacted my lawyer, Leonard J. Crabs, who in addition to possessing law degrees from no less than seven Ivy League schools also earned a doctorate in the confectionary arts with a masters in farting from the Columbia School of Fartistry. He is what some might say an expert on our present subject.

After tooting in a pensive manner, Leonard informed me that while we might lack the girl's permission to post that video, we had the cake's express written consent. To prove this, he produced what appeared to be a paper napkin from a local coffee shop, smeared down one side with frosting and goat's blood. Indeed, upon closer inspection the napkin proved to be a contract, written in lovely sugary sprinkles, not only granting permission to use the video but indeed ordering us to use it under penalty of diabetes or maybe just some really nasty kidney stones.

So while I'd like to take down the video unfortunately this is a binding contract that must be treated with the utmost seriousity. As you are a member of the federal government--and thus surely aware that impersonating a federal officer is forbidden by Title 18 Section 912 of the US Code and punishable by three years in prison OR a lifetime spent individually gift-wrapping dung beetles for the Shah of Iran--you are of course also familiar with the landmark decision in 2003 where the court ruled that when a contractual conflict arises between two parties "tie goes to the tastiest." (Mrs. Rosie's Lemon Tarts v. Ashcroft, 43 US 882, Justice Pillsbury at 236). Leonard looked this case up in a big book that had a leather cover and smelled like pipesmoke. It was very official.

As you can see, there's nothing I can do. I do apologize and wish you good rest of your day. Happy cakefarting!

I haven't heard from him since. Maybe he went back to his FBI stronghold to assemble a case against me. Maybe he's plotting revenge. Maybe he asked a fat chick to sit and fart on his face until he died. No matter what the reason, we're all the worse off for it. I may never know the full secrets of cakefarts. I may never achieve that exquisite inner peace. And I will never, ever forget the magic and mystery of Cakefartin' Steve.

– The Enigmatic Cakelord

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