You've heard "On the Road Again" and "Convoy," but these lesser known trucking classics deliver folksy fables and hard workin' trucker lore to match up against "Eastbound and Down."

10-4, Good Mommy by Jumbo Shrimp Smalls

Chow Pail Johnny by Roggsy Carolina

AM Desert Jesus by Climp Delver

Turn, Truck, Turn by Barbara Builter

Chuggin' Eye Peelers by K.C. Soppy Trowels and the Female Body Inspectors

Get Your Supper Bucket Ready by Travith Tripth

Trucks Have Wheels by Honest McCoy and the Lyin' City Folk

Callin' in to Rushbo by Junior Seniors and the Seniors

In a Muddy Diaper He Rides by Jordan Comon and the Slams

BJ and the Creeper Cooter by Old Red Hiccups

Bucket Din Din by Creamy Dan

18 Wheels On My Truck by Corey Counterman

Rode to Saskatoon Snoozin' by The Late Tom Brokaws

Freight Tuggin' Tina by Slavoj and the Zizeks

Round Rubber Things Go by Honest McCoy featuring Holdt Scuba

Nappin' in the Passing Lane by Two Star Yelp Review

75 to Ocala by 326 to the 301 by Corey Counterman

Scarfin' Asphalt by Creamy Dan

Eight Months Old and Haulin' by Corey Counterman and the Tennessee Tabulators

Lost My Girl to a Roofer by Egg "Cherokee" Scrumbles

Eat Yer Bucket, BJ by Old Red Hiccups

Mommy's Bucket Baby by Bad Baz and the Lurhmenn

Toronto to Tucson to Trouble by Shirtless Ron Rabbit

Ride the Asphalt Rails by The Kentucky Jew Boys

Truck Drivin' Sonuva Mommy by Kebby Jizholms

Ain't No Honey in the Honey Bucket by Rampy Bossup

Ain't Got No Baba No More by Tennessee "Hickory" Asscomb

Big Rectangle and the Round-Round Circles by Lerlene Hitler

Sad Spotty Lotty by The Brown Mountain Boys

Haulin' Trouble in My Eatin' Bucket by Scoob and the Sherpas

Last Ride of the Late Night Baby by Winty Friller

Jerked Off By a Stranger by Craegg Clownsmith Jr.

BJ and the Pantload by Old Red Hiccups

Votin' Chicks (Ruinin' This Country O' Mine) by Craegg Clownsmith Jr.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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