Rekindling of the Romances is Good for the Souls

It is being a long time since I am putting my thoughts into the computer book as I am making to do at this very moment. With a heavy heart I have many things of which to give enlightening thoughts to you with. My mother, God rest her soul, has finally passed away to the great beyond and I am missing her dearly to the departing. She is taking a bus to Cancun where she is using money I have made to give to her to purchase a small home which she is residing in as of the time of this writing. Before she is going thankfully she is leaving to me a photographic copy of all of her famous recipes which are bringing the delights to the tongue and belly of Yours Truly.

GO AND GET THEM DOUGLAS, YOU ARE BEING THE BEST IN THE LEAGUES!I have also been to receiving many of the computer letters from fans all across the worlds which are offering words of encouraging thoughts and also maybe challenges for wrestling. I am being a professional and I am not able to accept the excitement having offers to battle royale in basement of Douglas Thompson in Willow's Bend, Michigan. He is the 16 and is having many good experiences of the "backyards wrestlers" and I am glad to say "go and get them Douglas". I am unable to wrestle him at the up and coming Xtreme Wrestle Explosion Battle 2002, held in arena in back yard of Josh Carruthers also of the Willow's Bend, Michigan. I am appreciating your offers Douglas, and the generosity with the guest bed and the sandwiches, but I have a career and families to look after.

Also, in the other news of my life, there is being some problem between dearest wife and Yours Truly which is leading to tense encounters in the halls of house. I am wanting to send Large Son directly to wrestling academy in Noxtchl, wife is thinking about things like normal school being more important to Large Son's careers. We have been having quite the blow outs! One of the times it is almost coming to brutal flurry of kicks to wife-type's head and I am having to go out of sides and splash water from turtle trough on face to cool down.

Domestic violence is not a jokes and this is not Yours Truly's wife, this is other wife who is being on the bad end of some hard hits and I am not saying this is what I would do to wife but it could happen, ha ha! No, seriously.After this hooting and hollering is occurring for many days and many nights I am given to laying down the law of compromise. Son will go to wrestling summer of the seminar and come home to go to normal-type school to get education in reading and maths and whatever have you. This way he will be balanced on the precipice type locations of knowledge on the one hand and brawn (which he is not in the business of lacking anyway) on the other hand. Still, after all the resolutions are over there is still some of the tense between Yours Truly and the dearest wife type. I am thinking long and hard about the many ways to solve this, attack this problem like it is being a rival luchador in the squares circles. This time a choke-hold is not the medicine for the problem so I am thinking perhaps it is romance to rekindling with the wife-type.

I say "HONEY, WE ARE GOING TO GO ON A PICNIC RIGHT AWAY!" and I have the basket all packed with the goat creature already simmering in his pot. I also offer up a sturdy cuisine of baked apple socks and a whole hatload of sausage coconut dip. This is to please the senses of tastes and the senses of smells, which are the main senses you need to worry about when feeding the wife-type. Also important is the sense of touching which when it comes down to it if the foods are not smooth or at least slippery a little they will encounter blockages in the throat that may require swift applications of neck chops to free up. Do not be going towards the land of worry friends, my foods are both smooth and slippery.

Oh! Yours Truly almost forgot to inform you that he recently has been made to purchase a 1978 Dodge "Refurbished" from a local automobile dealer-type. This car has it all and the windows will go down in an emergency!! We hopped into this bad fellow with the picnic and I would like to think that the wife-type was very glad to be going. We are driving long and hard towards the place where picnics are best which is, going without saying, the Tijuana industrial park. All of the American factories are very big and surrounded by barbed wire fence and we are stopping the car on a bridge and climbing down underneath bridge to sit on concrete culvert and enjoy nature.

Romance is in the air and if it is like the asbestos from nearby American factory it is 750,000 Parts Per Million in the air!It is very peaceful under this bridge location, I am not afraid to tell you. Wife-type is in my arms and we are made to watch the ducks that are pulled into river by sludge monster. When no birds are at hand sludge monster is taking a liking to the wife but I am giving him the old heaving ho and send him packing back to the monster cove. Wife and I are at peace again and there is much of the kissing to the face-mask area of Yours Truly and oh my the hotness is coming to my face as sure as if I were being stung by slaps of the Hornet Commando.

We are doing the drinking two mugs each of sweet and spicy hot pepper wine and with her into my arms all of my troubles are washing away just like the sludge monster did it to monster cove. Only troubles are not going into monster cove they are just going somewhere else, like maybe trouble cove, ha ha. No, seriously.

I use my powerful wrestler hands to feed her baked apple socks and she enjoys the sensual aroma and rich, bold flavor exploding on her taste buds. I do not mind telling you pals that this is the kind of romance that is only in the fairy tales and now in the life of Yours Truly. We are so happy and even the nature seems to be cooperating with the rejuvenating of the stirred sauces in our love lives and it is all sunshine and not a trace of the eye-burning smog that comes down from the hills. It was as amazing as the day to which we are originally given to meeting and I will be treasuring it always my whole life until the day I am dying.

When we are making to end the festivities and return to home we are bidding farewell to the sludge monster. Then it is time for the wrestling of passion between the sheets, but I am not a type to kiss and talk about it, so let us just say that the romances are rekindled between wife and Yours Truly. Next time I am updating my computer book about the many matches I have enjoyed during your time away from reading about the things I have not written on the computer book yet.

Welcome to the ROMance Pit!

It is being of the fabric cut from the cloth of appropriateness that in the same page of my computer book where you are reading about the sweetest of times with my wife-type there is also being a new update in the ROMance book! This time it is a computer show about gunslinging love I am thinking, although it is a confusing article perhaps because of the translation from Japan. Give it a look see yourself, partner!

LAW OF THE WEST exists in a nihilistic moral vacuum, a place where life and death are equally meaningless, where a kind word and a .45 bullet between the eyes are both acceptable forms of greeting. Also, you get extra points for shooting special places on the screen, but you never really know which places those are, so you usually just end up spraying the whole screen with gunfire until a little "10000" pops up.

If that is not the heart of desire I do not know what is my friends! So please, make to go read this and it will cure your troubles of personal life to pieces.

– El Pinto Grande (@sexyfacts4u)

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