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A thing happen before with a other instruction:

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Instruction for a Peace

You do a thing so well. True and strong.

Look out now. Look at a trouble come to a town. The smell in the air, a Red Worm juice is out.

Many of a bodie is hurt. The meat is you is hurt. Sorry for a trouble.

Time to eat a fruit is now. Find a fruit and put it in your bodie. Make the fruit you. Go to THE CENTER.

Some place maybe THE CENTER is gone. Fronds of friends slip away with the red smoke FIEND FROM BELOW put into a sky. Fire burn up THE CENTER. Fast metal break it apart CHIP CHIP CHIP. It come down.

This your town? Find a new town. Go fast. You can hear it. Hear the beat of Red Worm. Take the fruit into your body. Red fruit or green fruit. No time for perfect fruit the bright light is on a earth. So much light and dark and not in between a place like it was.

Go! Put a FFr....fffru.....PUT A FRUIT IN A BODIE. The NOBLE LADY put a fruit in her bodie and go to THE CENTER. Down beneath. It is quite there, close to earth.

You can hear it beat. THUM THUM. THUM THUM. A heart of meat start to beat the same. THUM THUM. THUM THUM. Slow then, like it was. So much a&good way.

Word come apart now. Words sl...sLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...SLIP out.

THUM THUM. THUM THUM. In the tunnel. Feel it sweet dear friend. Best of the meat. Sweetest of the juice. THUM THUM. THUM THUM.

A bodie is better now. A bodie is better.



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