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Welcome to your The Bodie! You are a human!


Human is ninth most advanced The Bodie on planet. Advanced brain allow machine use. Advanced circulatory system mean you freeze to death slowly. Clever and handsome by all account.

You are!

Must remember each human unique. Each human different.

You are different from mommy. Mommy is different from her mommy.

You are NOT NOT NOT part of interconnected consciousness in which each human is like unto cell in a body and does not share autonomous function. This is mistake thinking!!!! A human die all experience die.

Human The Bodie is wonderful thing. It is is made from MEAT.

Did you know most thing not a meat? Most thing is a plant.

Plant get along just fine. Bacteria just fine too. Fungus fine. They don't need meat. Meat take so much energy. Not even use sun directly, it feed on sun in plant and other meat. The slow fall.

If you could be a plant you could take your food all the time into your The Bodie and not even waste any time. Instead you have THE MOUTHS.

Feeding ALL THESE MOUTHS take a lot of work. Trucks got to go. Boats got to go. Lesser plant get eat and turned into other thing. It exhausts. It exhausts. Mans do most work.

So many different type of food do you eat. You need a lot of food to make a good meat. Do not want bad meat or sad meat.

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