Recent Transactions
02/20/11KinFX Face Depumpkinizing Salon Gel - Bath & Body Works
02/21/114 Jackets from the Cindy McCain Collection - Nordstrom's$375.00
03/09/1110 Golf Shirts, Albino Woman's Medium - Macy's$206.00
03/09/1114 Golf Shirts, 14 khaki shorts, Adult Baby Size - Macy's$374.00
03/27/11FollowMe Twitter Bot - Chinese Trojan Free Software (Unless You Want Trojan)$1000.00
04/02/11Swarovski Crystal, Diamond and 24 kt Gold Faberge Egg (Dinosaur Size) in Rhino Horn Display Stand - Tiffany's$500,000.00
04/18/11Hickory Dracula's "Bumpkin" Widow's Peak Sculpting Comb - Paul Ryan's Amazon Wishlist$600.00
05/12/11Pain & Suffering Installment to Family of Baby Emotionally Harmed By Wife's Unearthly Gaze$8,002.00
06/09/11Brownback Deluxe Package Complete Campaign Staff - Liberty University$75,000.00
06/11/11Royalties Payment for Without FDR: Alf Landon's Peaceful Settlement with Hitler to the Benefit of Free Markets Alternate History Novel$28.00
06/18/11How to Convince Everyone You are Seriously, Actually Running for President Without Even Trying - Amazon
06/20/11TV Roundtable Appearance Fee - Fox News - This Week in Videos of Obama to Shake Your Fist At$450.00
06/29/11Mistress's Hotel Room - Concord, NH Marriott$255.00
06/29/11Dominatrix's Hotel Room - Concord, NH Marriott$255.00
06/29/11Wife's Hotel Room - Concord, NH Marriott$255.00
07/07/11Drunken Calls to Texas Governor's Mansion - AT&T$74.00
07/18/11"My Other Dick is a Scaife" Novelty Boxers (500) - Ecuador T-shirt Incorporated$1,318.00
07/18/11"I'm a Washington Outsider" T-shirt (500) - Ecuador T-shirt Incorporated$1,008.00
02/08/12"Congratulations! We Won New Hampshire!" Banner Cancellation$85.00
02/09/12Refund for Unused Portion of Brownback Deluxe Package - Liberty University$12,800

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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