This is an up-to-date list of Mirlande Wilson Alternate Reality Game discoveries. I do not take credit for all of these discoveries, many were made by and posters.

  • Mirlande Wilson says she bought her Mega Millions ticket with a dollar she found on the floor at the 7-11. Could this be the dollar that the "Pale Wanderer" was talking about in the Youtube video posted March 30th?
  • Mirlande Wilson seen, not-speaking, at press conference wearing "Sweet Swine" hat. looks to be owned by cybersquatters, but if you do an alphabet/number swap you get a sequence that points to a URL hosting a password-protected RAR file.
  • Update: RAR file contained the following photo:

  • Update 2: Appears to be a Google map of unexplained structures in Chinese desert, however if you carefully outline the shapes within the structure you discover a hidden message:

  • Could this be a reference to her coworkers who claim to share the ticket with her? Is one of them secretly in on this with her?
  • Fox affiliate knocked on Mirlande's door and demanded to see the winning ticket. Mirlande refused, but showed photocopies purporting to be the tickets she bought for her work pool. If you watch the video carefully when the camera pans up from the photocopies you can see a ghostly yellow figure eerily similar to the Mega Millions mascot appearing in the window. Is this figure related to the Pale Wanderer?

  • We know Mirlande is from Haiti known for VOODOO which is known for creating ZOMBIES we also know Mirlande answered the door of her house the day after winning in a "zombie-like" state and proceeded to curse at the reporter.
  • Lottery ticket "hidden" according to Mirlande, which goes along with what the backwards recorded audio said about "unseen forces at work" in the last Pale Wanderer video.
  • Anybody seen any info in the giant lottery check?

  • Update: Pale Wanderer's owl spotted. Does that mean he has touched the check?

Spooky! What does it have to do with the killings at the mill?

If you spot any additional info in Mirlande Wilson videos, articles or interviews, please send it to us.


– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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