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Best News Headlines of Russia and World...

Missing Belgian Ambassador Feared Eaten By Ethnic Tajik Malingerers

New Skull-Shaped Gazprom Building to Feature Throne Room and Dungeon

Missed Protection Payment Suspected Cause of Last Week's Hammer Massacre at Hospital Nursery

Chechen Woman Submerged in Acid for No Reason by Police Commander of Moscow

Hundreds of Skeletons Found in Moscow River May Not Be Missing Prostitutes

Horrified Crowd Watches as Two Drunken Men Fall Into Lion Cage and Eat Lion

Navy Flagship Admiral Kuznetsov Returns from Baltic Sea Training Mission Upside Down and Melting

Novosibirsk Mayor Touts Half Percent Drop in Throat Slittings for 2009, but Figures Don't Add Up

Saint Petersburg Police Ordered to Fix Stabbing Crimes, Bayonets

Paint Inhalation Addiction Increasing Problem among Officers in Paratrooper Units

Shooting Death of Internet Journalist Ruled a Suicide by FSB Agent Who Shot Him to Death

Russia's Next Top Model Winner Sold to Dubai Brothel

Medical Institute Study Shows Russian Cannibals May Live Longer

Dog Head Kept Alive by Special Blood Machine Trained to Bark and Snarl at Ethnic Kyrgyz

Oligarch Vasily Yevtushenkov Plans World's Largest Limousine Containing Wave Machine for Horse Pool

Superior Microsev Xbox 490 to Play Blue Rate Discettes and Nintendo 64 Game Wees

Russian Professor Analyzes USA Map and Determines USA is Worst and Will Die Soon and Be Worse than Russia Forever

Video of Chinese Military Parade Scientifically Analyzed and Not Really Much to Brag About

Popular Support for Ukrainian Reunification with Russian Federation Grows in House of Vladimir Putin

Namibia Requests Aid in Building Oil Pipeline and Guarding it with Russian Tanks

Finance Report: Indebted USA May Sell Back Alaska to Pay China

Aral Beach Resorts Enlarge and Improve Year After Year

Romania Launches Campaign to Educate Students About the Health Risks of Injecting Kerosene and Hydraulic Fluid

Youtube Video Shows Two-headed Cat Born and Immediately Tortured to Death by Drunk Teens

Mistaken Identity Causes Drunk Fascist to Stab Tanned Son to Death

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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