Rich "Log Cabin Lite" Kyanka is off dealing with the ulta-fun "problems" side of Something Awful so you unfortunate souls are stuck with me for today. Luckily I bring you a Hentai review, which you freaks seem to enjoy for some reason. This time it's the exciting conclusion to last week's review of "Water Closet".

Well the fun wasn't over for me, she changed her mind and decided to crap in the kitchen in a bowl, but then she changed her mind again and decided to crap in the bathtub. You see, the Japanese have their bathtubs in a separate room from their toilets because they're retarded. With Shouko claiming to have discarded the bowl entirely in favor of the shit-tub I was surprised when the next image I was treated to was her crouching over what was either a pink cooking bowl or the smallest bathtub ever made.

Yes, I was dissecting the continuity of a sequence involving shitting in a bathtub, which coincidentally is why I hate my job so much! For those of you who were disappointed that Rich didn't update, remind yourself that at least I'm not Scotty D! Now check out that goddamn Hentai review!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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