When I was a kid I always wanted stairs but we were too poor for stairs and I told my mama some day I would buy her the most stairs ever. My mama didn't live to see these stairs but in the Stairs Lounge there are a lot of them. You could just look at them or you could walk on them. What is fun is get a blanket and sit on it and ride it down the stairs like a sled. Makes your butt sore.

You can go up the stairs to the lounge part and dine on a crazy octagon table with a glass top. Also features furniture and some zebra floors. Lots of windows to look out. Take off your lady's shirt in here and stare at her breast like snakes hissing at you.

Puckett you sure I got to keep putting in this small type?
Nobody is going to read this not even the FBI
I hate you devil FBI god will have his revenge on you some day
I also hate you IRS for your revenues wheres my bailout?
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