Ladies love to swim in suits or out of suits. This pool is green and I don't know why. I put pool pills in there and it just fizzed up and then turned green again. Be careful. Hold your breath. If your lady doesn't like this you could try holding her under the water and just say "freeze, I'm ice, you got to break out of me to get out of the lake."

Also I put a bar in there. It had a rootbeer tap, a ice cream tap, and a bacardi hurricanes tap. The only one that still works is the rootbeer tap, but I wouldn't drink the rootbeer. There are some chairs though. Sorry it's dark in this area I pulled down the track lighting and threw it at my cousin's truck.

Even if you don't want a room you can just call me to talk
call my cell phone at 888-234-2213
We can talk about whatever, pigeons, ghosts, ghostmode, whatever you want
don't ask me about boxing though this is the one subject I am done with
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