There are many other pleasure suites in my mansion of sybaris. I am fixing them up and remember new places I bought all the time. There was a barn and a trailer I had buried and some sort of corridor that leads nowhere that I am still trying to figure out. It had cow print walls and there were about ten hundred wigs in the corner in a pile.

This is the time of year for you to get your lady, put on some lotion, go swim in the pill water, kiss her, hiss and yell at her breast, and then see a ghostmode man who feels your butt up and inside your butt. Give in to pleasure, give in to my sybarist.

For tax purposes all rentals are considered family gifts and you must sign a form adopting me legally. This is perfectly normal do it all the time and you will only be my mom and dad for five years before it expires automatically.

Ghostmode forever
Pigeons can still see me in ghostmode and I'll still feed them
Fuck cats
I hate cats goddamn

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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