Red is the color of love and blood. So I put in a carpet that color for lovers and their blood. The Telephone Suite has two telephones you can use to call anywhere in the house. THEY DON'T CALL OUTSIDE SO DON'T EVEN MESS WITH THAT. I put in a pager so you can call on the intercom. You can play games with that or call each other.

The room has got track lighting, power cords, a plant that isn't real, a round mirror, some stereo equipment I don't got any idea what it does, and an authentic gold bar ceiling.

Make her feel like a million bucks in the luxury chair. You could kiss her if you want, nobodys watching except you reflecting on the ceiling and chairs. And God, who watches everything, praise god.

You should probably call and book your room twice
if I am with my pigeons when you call I might forget
and not have a pencil or a way to write it down
so call me two times about your room
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