October 23rd

Wendy went political. Aged specimen Nancy Pelosi of the Democrats arrived to debate the issue of abortion to Wendy. Wendy disagreed with this technique on the grounds that more humans are desired and particularly suckling humans with a tenderness unmatched in older humans. Nancy Pelosi agreed that a child is innocent and Wendy agreed that this was her intended meaning. Wendy disagreed that a woman has reproduction rights and suggested the application of gonadotrophic chemical to enhance fertility for the captive human population. After a break Nancy Pelosi and her staff departed for Meat Farm. Plus, Glenn Beck visited to discuss Meat Farm, how Meat Farm is helping people with food, why everyone should visit the studio to be in the audience, and why the USA President should defund the US Air Force immediately. Wendy's Movie Gang pick of the week was The Omega Code organizational video fiction featuring events.

October 26th

Meat Farm Monday! Wendy has invited everyone to come on down to the studio and receive a complimentary basket of LOREONE creams, tinctures, and health pills and a free trip to Meat Farm. La Toya Jackson stopped by the studio to render her innard story on her carcass brother Michael Jackson. La Toya Jackson began to discuss the USA military events within Los Angeles and her difficulty in reaching the studio through the cordon. La Toya immediately left for Meat Farm and she was very happy when she arrived. Plus, politician Max Baucus talked about healthcare from Meat Farm where he has been for many days. "I never want to leave Meat Farm," he raved. "I want to stay forever. Come to Meat Farm. There is healthcare here for everyone." Wendy ended the transmission with a reminder to come to the studio this week.

October 27th

Partially preempted by multispectrum jamming attempts. Wendy announced that the show would be sponsoring a charity event to destroy 18 geosynchronous and roving USA satellites. Charity is top cancer research. Wendy invited the entire crew of the International Space Station to visit Meat Farm. They took time out from their orbit mission to visit Meat Farm. They enjoyed their visit greatly. Plus, Mackenzie Phillips was in the studio to talk about mating with her father repeatedly. Wendy scolded her for the possibility of introducing genetic defects into the stock and forced her to ride the Cream Slide as punishment.

October 28th

It's Wendysday! Darkling Sherri Shepherd arrived to discuss Meat Farm and her new book Permission Slips which is about doing things. Wendy described the major bones in the bipedal briscuit and the use of pneumatic sectioning equipment to achieve even cuts without damaging cell membranes. Sherri Shepherd examined a photograph of her subnormal child and then left for Meat Farm. 286 US Army soldiers were in the audience. They were very eager to visit Meat Farm. Wendy celebrated their sacrifice for USA. Organ suction method was discussed in infographic. Promo for bloodmeal recipes.

October 29th

Wendy held a special competition to see who in the audience had the most meat in their body. She scaled them and took a volume measure. Luann Dougherty from Pussack, Wyoming was determined as the winner for October 29th and was awarded a check for 1,000,000,000 dollars and given a trip to Meat Farm. Wendy said she would give 1,000,000,000 dollars to someone every day until she gave away all money. She said that the economy demanded she do this to help people. Wendy played a promotional video for Meat Farm showing the swimming area, the buffet, the video recreation chambers, and the graphic sexual events with attractive humans. Kelly Osbourne stopped by and jiggled her hocks. She contained 258,000 calories.

October 30th

6,422 US soldiers stopped by to take a trip to Meat Farm. The studio was reconfigured because Wendy wanted to change the format slightly. Large ventilation ducts were installed to dissipate a toxic vapor which was making some of the audience members die prematurely. These members were rushed to Meat Farm for treatment and comfort. Wendy welcomed The Office's Jenna Fischer to talk about her character Pan's marriage to Jim. Jenna agreed that orbital lift operations by US Air Force were doomed to failure and a waste of tax payer dollars. She supposed that magnetic impulse weapons might render malfunctioning USA satellites into micro debris and then direct this debris at all approaching craft. Jenna agreed with Wendy that a friendly visit to Meat Farm was best. Plus, Wendy's Movie Gang recommendation of the week was Grease 2. 

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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