Wolfram Alpha's knowledge-computer power is limited only by your inquisitiveness. I wonder how many cheeseburgers per minute would I need to eat to match the horsepower of a muscle car?

Or, for example, let's reflect upon Uwe Boll's erotic action thriller "Bloodrayne." I wonder how much money that movie made per millisecond of its runtime?

Let's now imagine that Uwe Boll decided to come to my hometown and distribute the film's recepits among the population, doing so at a steady pace throughout the duration of the picture:

Let's say you build a submarine capable of descending all the way to the deepest point in the Pacific Ocean. It also had a VCR, and you decided to take along a copy of Fletch to watch while your vessel dove. To avoid getting bored, you'd like to set your diving speed to ensure you'd reach the bottom exactly as the movie was ending. Wolfram Alpha has the answer at your fingertips:

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