"What if customers expect us to start stocking such hideous furniture in our stores?" ask the agitated retailers.


Just because a cabin is empty doesn't mean it's not still private property. Now he's facing a hefty trespassing fine!


Several home loans have been paid off with a new type of counterfeit $100 bill that is almost undetectable to even the most sophisticated instruments. Banks are worried that a significant number of these bills have already entered circulation.


Pay off your debt with huge rubber-banded wads of cash, with consecutive serial numbers if possible. Slam it down on the table, in a briefcase or just gathered into your fist, without saying a word. Frequently glance nervously over your shoulder, and ask people if they hear sirens at random intervals. Everyone present will be intensely uncomfortable -- "on edge" if you will -- turning what would be a normal financial transaction into a brilliant piece of performance art.

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