We all know that that the weapons of war are continually evolving, much as warfare itself continues to change. That's one of the things we can all truly appreciate about war: it's spirited capacity for positive growth and self-improvement. One thing we must keep in mind is that for every established tool of war used by the fighting forces of the world, there were countless other ideas simply too implausible or too bizarre to ever really come to fruition. This Phriday aims at making those horrible ideas look sound by creating the all-time worst experimental weapons and vehicles. Thanks to the Something Awful Forum Goons, we can know see the wonders of the Military Industrial Complex's retarded step cousin.

"exploitedtroll" travels the sky in style.

"EPS" slams the hammer down!

Unfortunately "DaShoe's" wonder weapon only works against hot air balloons and very fat people in hang glinders.

"TacticalPenis" is as practical as ever:

I think "Kash" is a furry or something. Move along.

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