it is phriday my dudes. i know that one is a different frog but we are all here for pictures, not me trying to explain the extremely strange history of the "get out" frog. heck, this guy isn't even the same frog! frogs are funny, inherently. this is one of the axioms of comedy, along with the rule of threes, and

Pablo Bluth found gold in the garbage dump. thanks, twitter!

and then Pablo Bluth twists my memories. maybe the frog always WAS fancy?

Aishlinn read the books first and has strong opinions about the adaptation.

i remember when euthy would drink a bud outta the bottle. now it's all micro-brews in fancy glasses. the success changed them.

Bronze Fonze is going for a phriday BINGO!

if anyone can pull it off, it's gonna be Bronze Fonz!

Sir Nose with the block!(i have yet to codify the rules for phriday BINGO.)

Nurge knows what happens when you sit on a railing.

so does Sir Not Appearing!

Drink-Mix Man knows how we'll get through this mess, just gotta keep on froggin'!

Xaintrailles has a brave new vision for the future.

or a mr toads wild ride joke, whateverAishlinn has finally convinced me to watch thelma and louise.

yes, Flyball, i also think an animal olympics is a fun idea but frogs are just going to dominate all the jumping events. it's just not practical.

MikeTheCoolOne is tryin' ta make me croak like a frog.

Niric's mastery of woodblock printing is astounding!

Flyball salutes the unsung heroes of history.

Paladinus has been added of the list of people inserting jojo into my life. i have never read/watched it, and i implicitely understood that is the joke here. i can't stand it.

Hazo, are you ready to die for tadpole fancyfrog, the cutest possible thing? i am.

Nurge, exemplifying combinatory humour value with Hazo!
from accademy award wnning director SLICK GOKU BABY comes the film that changed a generation

Aishlinn has just checkmated me in phriday BINGO. i should not have bet my truck on this.

i'm gonna be honest with you guys - if i can stretch one thread into two updates, i'm gonna do it, like i am right now!
maybe next week we will finally discover what lowtax is yelling at, maybe more very fancy frog photoshops, maybe something completely different.
i have no idea what i'm doing!

oh yeah buy an account, jeez. it's tenbux and then you can submit images that i have to, by law, look at. this is the worst work release program that has ever existed.

– Heather Papps

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