Last week (literally! Wow!) we looked at how the SA forums goofing around with movie mash-ups morphed into a celebration of a bizarre local restaurant advertisement. This week we follow the transformation further, as the Joker Minion spreads out of control across not just one but several different subforums. So sit back, grab yourself a steaming pan of gravy-fries and enjoy part II of the cross-forums Photoshop event of 2019!

For reference, here again is the original Joker Minion image submitted by TVsVeryOwn, whose favorite flavor I'm gonna guess is "all-dressed", the filthy foreigner.

Cable Guy is just trying to get their aurochs off.

Captain Hygiene is a foster-child of silence and slow time (and the "winner" of this week's Phriday! Great job!).

Sid Vicious has perspective to spare.

These two images by Drink-Mix Man cover pretty much the entire spectrum of hope and despair in 20th century cultural imagery. Not bad for colored sugar water!

Hey! Quit kicking that Empty Sandwich in our faces!

You can skip the Galaxander sequels. Trust me.

Badder than old LadyPictureShow, meaner than a junkyard dog.

Resting Lich Face
makes outrageous claims, like they invented the question mark.

I would assume Cable Guy watches a lot of movies but they submitted so many fucking images to this thread they can't possibly have that much free time left over.

It was a banner fuckin' year at the old Drink-Mix Man family.

That strange guy would give their God-damned soul for just a glass of beer.

itry is a special effects masterpiece I do not need to see again.

Wall Balls believes in death, destruction, chaos, filth and poutine.

Drink-Mix Man is always rubbing other men's rhubarb.

Yeah right, the studio promised That strange guy his own movie. And I'm Orson-fucking-Welles.

Canine Conspiracy ran out of money finishing this image and it wrecked the whole thing.

If someone's gonna kill Lincoln, it should be us!

Empty Sandwich is probably a metaphor for the bomb, in some roundabout way.

Kagaya Homoraisan I do not know what's going on here and I refuse to believe anyone else does either

itry likes watching high school swimming teams because of the sports drama. Suuuuuuure.

The readers voted overwhelmingly that Knormal be killed off. Twice!

raises an interesting question: are Minions yellow because of The Simpsons? They're basically the animation design equivalent of hotdogs, made of ground-up tailings of other successful cartoon characters, so... maybe?

Loden Taylor picked the only cartoon on this list more off-putting than Akira. I'm impressed.

Captain Hygiene put 60,000 extra frames in this GIF to buy time while the Manga caught up.

Everyone has an Achille's Heel, and HugeGrossBurrito's just happens to be in their pants.

PoptartsNinja still has a PAL/SECAM tape collection, I'd bet money on it.

Okay Vanisher, very nice. For our next entry, we...

O-kay Vanisher, we get it, you can...

Vanisher, what the fuck, what are you...

Vanisher! Fuck!!!!

Cable Guy is a regular news-hound for butts and airplane crashes.

LadyPictureShow is an honest-to-God shipping container artist.

Captain Hygiene also reminds us that these images were made before last Christmas. Thanks so much, Cap.

Canine Conspiracy is saying something here... I assume?

I get Chairman Mao, That strange guy, but what the hell does Batman have to do with any of this?

Aww hell, LadyPictureShow, has it really been that long since I started writing these stupid things? Fuuuuuuuck.

Drink-Mix Man is like five redditors sitting on the edge of a toddler's grave.

Galaxander has been here way too long. We all have.

Cable Guy wants you to know, the internet's still sexy, no matter how many lives it ruins.

Damn it Sid Vicious, I will never be able to convince my elderly relatives this is not a completely genuine image. Thanks a lot.

Captain Hygiene is trying to make my head explode, and it's working.

There you have it! Movie jokes plus poutine ad run through multiple forums equals oww my brain hurts. Thanks to the forums for 'shopping up another bewildering batch of triple-dense insanity, and to Heather Papps for curating the madness.

Next time on Phridays, get ready for disabled dinosaur porn! I'm kidding, maybe. I hope.

– Ian "BFM" Helm

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