RegistrarFagor has a safety deposit box full of Lunchables just in case.

Scherzo wanted to be unique and standout, so he used a lot of pink and purple colors.

Tomtrek got his valentine a coupon book for Arby's but then accidentally used it up on himself.

This Valentines Day urseus plans to eat through his remaining boxes of macaroni and cheese.

Vogon Poet often misplaces his will to live.

That concludes this week. Thanks to the Something Awful Forum Goons and Lunaran for making all these images. Bonus points go to my associate gucci helicopter for ghostwriting a couple comments while I ate burritos and hid under a sink. Join us next week for waffles and a new species of sausage previously unknown to man.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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