Welcome to the Webcam Ward where we magically make the unwatchable watchable! In this week's update, The Punisher walks around a park and punches things for a while!

The Punisher: Path of Punishment: Part 2 of 3: No Mercy (2008)

Description: "The Punisher is now out for the Kingpin (Greg Osborne)'s blood, but in order to get to him he has to do battle with The Joker. Joker may have a few tricks up his sleeve, but so does Punisher."
User: Stifman
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Best Viewer Comment: SirBladewind: "You know I'm trying to do an indie film as well...and this doesn't give me much hope for it. I think I'm probably just gonna give up and pack up all my stuff because it obviously isn't gonna work, just like this def doesn't work."

That does it for this week at the Webcam Ward and if you run into a downright horrible video on the world wide web, let us know!

– Michael "Slowbeef" Sawyer & Steve "Khad" Grant

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