Wait a second, boars shoot projectile gel out of their cocks when they're fucking humans? That's badass.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first case of "back in time to fuck the family dog" in response to the "if you had a time machine..." question.

Bark once for "yes I want you to anally rape me" or stare at me and wag your tail for "yes I want you to anally rape me"

A very special thanks to forums duck-rapists TonTon, BoyG, Chuckels, Red Harvest, King Lou, Man of Steel Wool, Rocket Baby Dolls, PezMaster, Linx, Grapplejack, duggimon, and SPop6 for their hard work in image contribution. Feel free to email me any suggestions that you might have for future Weekend Webs.

– Chris "Kewpuh" Binkley

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